Emotions are gifts

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1 year ago

We all have feelings and emotions. We feel, angry, sad, happy, confused, anxious and other feelings and emotions. It's a unique trait which is helpful in dealing with every situation we experience. It's a never ending battle and part of us which we can never deny.

I like listening or reading other people's emotion or story because I know how it feels like not having anyone listening to you. I know how devastating it is that there are many things you wanted to say but you don't know how to start saying it. I know how it feels like to bottle up everything inside.

I also know the consequences of keeping everything by myself. I've had a heart condition which is named tachycardia. It's when my heart beats too fast which makes me out of breath. Even when I don't do anything, I feel my heart beating way too fast. I've also had two episodes of an attack when my emotions are extreme. I can't breathe. I'm exhausted. I'm pale. I'm cried. I clutch my chest. I gasp for air.

It's important to have a support system who will be with you. A support system who will acknowledge your shortcomings and assure you that you are never alone with the battles you're facing. People who will stay by your side and just listen to your cries, and just simply embrace you.

When feelings and emotions are suppressed, it creates a deeper hole in you which try to conceal by filling your life with things that are never beneficial to you. It's one of the reasons why a person has DID (dissociative identity disorder). It's all die to suppressed feelings and emotions which are never dealt with.

It's okay not be okay. If you feel, lonely, sad, exhausted, angry or when you don't even know exactly how you feel, know that it's okay to feel that way.

It's okay to cry even if your tears won't make any difference to your situation. It will somehow make you release the burden you're carrying.

Your emotions are both your good and bad asset. It can either make you strong or make you weaker. The choice is always up to you.

Stop comparing yourself to others. When you feel and how you feel is definitely different from theirs. You are you and no one is better being you than yourself.

What you feel is valid. Regardless of what happened or how you act, it's valid. You can never try to fit yourself in a circle you feel disrespected or you don't belong.

You can never control your emotions but you can control your reaction and action. Having difficulty explaining yourself or fitting in is not a problem to solve. As the song says, "the world can change it's heart".

If you feel sad, be sad. Cry. It's okay.

If you feel angry, get mad. Release your anger. It's okay.

If you feel happy, smile. Laugh to your heart's content. It's okay.

You don't always need to live up with other people's expectations. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone. You don't have to reach the world's standard. You don't have to conceal the real you.

Is okay. You're okay.

Sometimes we just need someone who will embrace us when we cry. A shoulder to lean on when we're tired. Someone who will share our burden. Reassuring statements by keeping silent and allowing us to say the things that were going through.

"Every problem has a solution.

Every situation has a reason.

Every pain has healing.

Every tear has value.

And most of all....

You are always worth it."

Let me give you a virtual hug 🤗🫂

Know that if ever you need someone to speak with, I'm hear to listen with my ears👂🏻and understand with my heart ❤️

You don't have to be alone in your battles. Be it a silent or a noisy one. You don't have to be alone. Always remember that there Someone who listens. He's there and your brokenness today is your strength tomorrow.


September 5, 2021


"Merry Christmas!"

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Emotions are the main thing which make us Human... Otherwise there is no difference in human and animals...

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1 year ago

Indeed ❤️

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1 year ago

I also like listening or reading other people's emotion or story because I know how it feels like not having anyone because I'm a victim of it

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1 year ago

Sending you a virtual hug 🤗🫂 salute to those people who are willing to listen

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