Dealing with an annoying neighbor

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2 years ago

In every neighborhood there will always be neighbors who does exactly what a neighbor shouldn't do. The thought of going home after a long and tiring day must be to find peace and rest. This is not the case to most people because not everyone lives in a village or a compound with a fancy mansion or with homes at least 5 feet apart from each other's homes.

In our case, we live in a squatters area which means all homes has just one wall as partition. Aside from that, all the noise from each home are heard by all the neighbors. The streets you walk on are not the cleanest or the widest place you'll ever want to walk in.

An addition to this are the kind of neighbors around your home. Given the fact that you are living in a squatters area doesn't mean that your attitude is the same as the place you're in.

We have this noisy neighbor who loves shouting with one another. If ever they play songs in their stereos, they make sure that that whole area can hear it. Their kids, even during lockdown always want to roam around the area and keep getting noisy that they even reach upto 11:00 p.m. Their kids are minors. Even during lockdown they'd love to stay out of their homes just so they can all make the noise outside. When they grill meat, they do it outside our house so all the smoke that comes from their barbeque are inside our home. No one can mess with them just because the person who lives there is a PWD and she thinks that everything she does is right.

They aren't the nicest people to live in the same neighborhood with. They talk behind our backs and act as if it was us who has caused them harm. They are not the kindest people to think of others whenever they want to make noise by playing loud songs or quarreling with one another with cussing and screaming at each other.

It's a torment to deal with them on a daily basis but it's not as if we can do something about it. They had been removed form our neighborhood because they were reported to our barangay because they keep on causing ruckus but they went back in just a few months after with the promise of not repeating the same thing. Guess what, nothing changed. They are still the same.

You have to respect one another's boundary. Be sure to not mess with anyone so you don't have to deal with any of them. As a neighbor you should know the extent of things you can do in your neighborhood. Given the fact that you live in squatters area, make sure to at least have the decency to deal with them.

Fight back when needed not when you wanted. There's limit in everything. There's limit for everything you can take in. Each neighbor has the tendency to rub each other's patience but you have to do it using your brain. Do not engage in any physical fight not unless needed. Sue them for defamation if ever they started spreading false information about you.

Never stoop down to their level. If they want to act rubbish and uncivilized let them do so. Never retaliate for it makes you less of a professional or civilized when you do so. It's not about taking everything in, it's about being wise enough not to try and meddle by arguing to unreasonable people.

Let your success speak for you. Never tell them your plans nor your success stories. Allow them to see it for themselves. Annoying neighbors will continuously try to go and mock you but your unseen hardwork will be paid off when you have already succeeded in life.

The best advice I can give you is to move out of the place which makes you feel unsafe and stresses you out. No matter how much they try to annoy you or how they try to make you look like the villain, the fact that you have moved out of that neighborhood and transferred to a better one is the best slap to their faces. Never do it as an act of revenge.

They'll reap what they sow. The time for them to suffer the consequences of their actions will surely come. It might not be now or the way you wanted it to be but it will surely come.

I'm not saying that I'll be the best neighbor for you, I also have my fair share of things I have done which might have annoyed them but I never reached the level of not knowing and not thinking of other people's welfare. As much as possible I value privacy and intimacy. I'll never try to go and make you feel annoyed with my presence which they often make me and my family feel.

The best solution is to leave the neighborhood and live in a better place. Just so you know I'm already planning to start saving up money in order to leave this neighborhood for good. I also want to have a peaceful life and it can only happen if the neighborhood is not in this neighborhood. I also want to feel excited to go home and enjoy peace and serenity not to listen to my neighbors life sentiments.


December 13, 2020


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