Bon Voyage!

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11 months ago

The long wait is over. After preparing the necessary documents needed, swab test, plain ticket and waiting for the final confirmation of getting hired, he finally left the country to work hard for his own family.

I was supposed to be with them at the airport but I wasn't able to come because I was at work. My mom, youngest brother, his son, his father-in-law and his wife went to the airport together with him. He finally left and was supposed to come back after two years.

Last Sunday, we ate out for his despidida. We ate in a restaurant which cost 10,800 in total for all our orders. It was a group meal good for 20 people. We were happy. We enjoyed our time together. The kids also played in an arcade with moving chairs. I also bought few desserts which was really delicious. After that, the whole family had a picture taking for photo op even which he will carry as he depart the country.

Two years might seem long but the sacrifice he did for his family will be remembered daily. His wife and 1 year old son will definitely miss him. I actually miss him right now because I don't even know what will happen now that he's in a faraway country.

I just hope for his healing from losing our father, financial freedom, debt free and stress free life. He sacrificed enough for me and my older sister for supporting our needs while we were still studying. I would also love to give back the favor by just simply being a good aunt to his son.

It also somehow awakened the desire in my heart to also go abroad to work. I don't want to be pessimistic but I can never reach my dreams and goals in life if I just continuously stay here in the Philippines.

As long as I am young and single, I'm supposed to work and reach my dreams and goals in life. I'll go abroad when I'm given the chance and the opportunity to do so.


April 19, 2022


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