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Due to the increasing number of people affected by flu and different COVID-19 variants, a call for academic break has been asked because most students, teaching and non-teaching personnel has flu. Many has been absent in online classes.

There was a poll to check on the health status and it turned out that most teachers and students are sick. I also had an online class with only 10 students because most of them called in sick.

I'm blessed not to have any sorethroat, colds, cough, body pain or fever so it wasn't difficult for me to conduct online classes. I was also able to do few paperworks I have to finish up.

The academic break due to health reasons started from January 17-21. Next week January 24-28 will purely be asynchronous classes. Meaning, there'll be no online class and only a few things to do will be given to students.

Last Friday, I started watching movies. I did not open my laptop so I can rest my mind from work. There are still a few messages on messenger but it's bearable and doesn't require immediate response. It was actually challenging for me since I'm a newbie. I had to put limit to myself because my life doesn't just revolve around my job. I learned to answer personal messages from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

My mom has a Netflix account but most of the times, it's my siblings who are watching on the tv. It's fine with me since I have a phone where I can watch movies through a website. I watched from Friday to Sunday. After I attended the online Sunday Service, I resumed watching movies. Honestly, it was the last time I was able to watch as long as I can.

I watched Encanto, Black Widow, Eternals, Sing 2, Charlie's angels 2019 and Red Notice together with my older sister and my mom. As for this week, I am on social media detox wherein my screentime is limited. The only thing I do is to rest and figure out the things which I have to do.

As I was checking the things I have to do, I was reminded that I had to renew my license because it will expire this year. Upon trying to do so, I was unable to log in to my account with an error message, "email not found". I only have one active email address which I use for almost every transaction I have to do.

Good thing is that I have a friend who experienced the same thing. Now I just have to wait the reply for my email. I'm hoping to finish it up by this week so I'll have no problem when I'll have continuous classes again.

My friends are also asking if we can meet, sadly one of us is way too busy to even meet us. This is the time when we realized how our careers can keep us apart for a long time. We haven't seen each other as a whole group last year so we are hoping to meet this year.

For now, I'm focusing on resting and allowing myself to enjoy and take a break from everything. This is a badly needed break. Thank God I can enjoy this much.


January 19, 2022


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