37th Wedding anniversary

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2 years ago

My parents had been together since 1984. They have a 7 year age gap with my father being older. I don't know much about their past but what I know is how different they are from each other. Yeah maybe it's true that opposite attracts.

From what I remember, we were originally from a province. It is where me and my siblings were born and my mom had to work in Manila to sustain our needs while our father is the one who stays at home to take care of me and my siblings.

My eldest brother had to work early in order to help in our family needs. I don't remember him that much when I was younger since both him and my mom are not with us. There was this one time when he visited in the province and none of us, his younger siblings know him. He's like a stranger to us.

My mom worked hard to save up enough money to move us in Manila where more opportunities are awaiting us. I don't remember my father working a proper job except the time that he and my mom decided to put up a food business where they get all the money to support and provide our needs.

When we moved here, we don't have a permanent home. We were once renting a house where we lived for I don't remember how long not until my parents purchased a small house which we can call our home. It was a small house which they decided to expand by putting up a second floor made out of plywood.

Actually our house needs renovation now since it's creaking already and it's not safe because the materials used in our house are not durable.

I've seen the hardwokrs of my parents but I see my mom's hardwork better than my dad's but nevertheless, I feel so blessed to have them as my parents. My father is turning 62 years old. He isn't as strong as he was before and he has may diseases. Most of the times me and my siblings can't understand him but my mom can.

Their wedding anniversary was the same as the birthday of my older brother. It was on February 23, but since it's weekdays, none of us siblings prepared anything for it. We were all busy with our jobs and we decided not to do anything at all since our celebration will be moved by February 28, Sunday so all of us are present during that time.

Little did we know that my father felt hurt that day because none of us exerted an effort to celebrate their married life. That evening, my parents decided to buy lechon manok and the next day, they order from a fastfood for our next meal. They decided to celebrate even without us. I guess it's because they're used to us always having something prepared for every occasion.

Before Sunday, a lot of things has happened, thankfully it didn't affect our celebration by Sunday.

We prepared money cake, buttered shrimp, chicken afritada, chicken adobo, cupcakes, cookies, graham cake, suman, and yema cake. We all ate and chat happily which was really seldom for us since all of us has our own busy schedules. It was a fun experience for us because now that we're grown ups, were able to do what we can't do when we were still kids and studying.

My eldest brother prepared shift for our parents which are a pair of cocomelon jammies. Our parents wore it and had a lot of pictures taken. It was just smiles, laughter and enjoyment.

When it was the time for the money cake to be pulled out, the whole box of money came off. We laughed out hearts out and my older sister had to hold the box while my mom pulls the money in it. We we're ecstatic since it's our first time to do it especially for their 37th wedding anniversary. After the picture taking and pulling the money out of the cake, my father decided to count it and rip the plastic off of it.

My parents were really happy about it which made my father teary. My father has an enlarged heart. He can't be too stressed out and his emotions cannot be too heightened so I told him to just cry if he wants to. His body is weak and most of the times he talks out of the context.

I'm really amazed as to how my mom takes care of him with utter joy and patience. My mom is tired all the time because she works as a street sweeper every morning till noon from Monday to Friday and she has to do the household chores in the afternoon. She does the laundry, cooks the meals we have, cleans the house and so much more. My mom is a perfect definition of a wonder woman.

When she complains, it's when she's way too tired out of all her fault routine. She's a beautiful person inside out. I just love how complete opposite are my parents from each other and yet they are able to raise us we'll and sustain our needs. They are indeed wonderful people.

Happy 37th wedding anniversary to my parents!

I known that they'll share more wedding anniversary celebration together.


March 13, 2021


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