1st Birthday without you

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1 year ago

Today is my 24th birthday

My first birthday without you

There are food on the table

We are complete at home

My siblings, nephews and nieces are here

I bought a new laptop at the mall

My brother said that I was unhappy and indeed I am

My sister-in-law said that my eyes are swollen and it was

Upon coming home

They sang me a birthday song without the word "happy"

The delicious and pricy birthday cake you said you'll buy actually came

I blew 3 candles for three different flavored cakes as though representing the words "I love you"

But you are not with me physically anymore

I know that you're watching me from above but I can't help but miss you

You are the love of my life and I know that if you're here with me

You'll be the first one to greet me a "happy birthday"

A week before this date

Say your wishes for me

And tell me how much you love me

I know that in my next birthdays to come,

You'll not be there

In the next holidays, especially Christmas and New Year

You'll not be there

In my next chapter of life,

You'll not be there

In my next achievements,

You'll not be there

Lord, please tell my papa how much I love him and how much I miss him.

Please tell my papa not to worry about mama as we will take care of her.

Please tell papa that I'll be fine and I'll never forget him.

Please allow papa to be our guardian angel 😇 so he can forever be with the whole family.

I know that he is now safe and sound, happy, healthy and will live eternally in your presence so I still feel happy.

For the last time I'd like to ask you, "Pa, are you happy?"


October 16, 2021


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