Nobody Likes to be Rejected, Nobody Likes to Show Weaknesses

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It's so much as an issue such an extensive amount rejection since we as a whole realize that not every person is needed to cherish us. We as a whole realize that there are no assurances in affection, that the main assurance is the thing that we put into it.

We can't drive another to need us, to pick us, to cherish us. Life doesn't work that way, and truly, that sucks.

It isn't barely enough to portray the state I am experiencing at this moment. I am extremely tired truly, this sluggishness is past physiological sleepiness. It's mental, it's passionate. I am burnt out on being solid. I am burnt out on attempting to put on that bless my face the entire tough lady and be the Super Woman for anybody and everybody.

Unexpectedly I stay here, close in the chest, feeling lost and uncertain where to search for course. I spent an excessively long time denying my own sentiments and now I sense that I am the person who is unwinding.

When others take a gander at me they consider me to be such. They consider me to be skilled and capable, however my spirit is depleted while they see me sure-footed and consistent but inside I am breaking.

I have a feeling that I have consumed my whole time on earth attempting to demonstrate to myself that I am solid and being solid would be sufficient. I have spent such a large amount of my energy setting such exclusive standards to be solid and racking my own feelings that currently I'm drained.

I never especially set out to be this sort of a person, yet life made me face my most noticeably terrible bad dreams, I needed to figure out how to become strong that nobody was there for me through my battles and adversities, yet here I am, presently I wound up exhausted and lost, contemplating whether some time or another somebody would be there for me in all the manners in which I have been there for them.

What's more, presently, it's me who has gotten pale and exhausted.

When you're generally the strong one, you ordinarily stay strong and cannot tell others about how you really feel. When you're generally the strong one, you're careful about giving your issues to any other individual. You consider that to be laying a weight on individuals you should be supporting.

I see now that we as a whole need somebody who's simply somewhat like we are.

We spend half our lives denying its existence, half our lives living in fear of it. Regret is the ugly, shameful emotion that waits beneath us in the darkness. Every night it emerges slowly from the shadows, and every night we close our eyes tightly and pray to never have to face it.

It’s in these moments that we whisper to ourselves that we’ll live without regret. It’s in these moments, alone and drowning in darkness, that we grasp for a chaotic, carefree existence. We retreat beneath the covers and promise ourselves we’ll live without the fear of consequence. We retreat beneath the covers and promise ourselves we won’t be afraid. But every night, the monsters come just the same, and every night we lie in bed, deeper in denial and more fearful than the night before.

To deny regret is to deny a basic human emotion.

To deny regret is to deny the deep and tumultuous ocean of emotions that is the human experience. To encourage each other to live without regret is to create a culture that demonizes any emotion that doesn’t make us feel good.

We spend so much time burying regret that we forget why we picked up the shovel in the first place. We bury regret because it makes us sad. It makes us uncomfortable. It shows us the face of every person we hurt. It makes us feel like the bad guy.

Regret is the monster that lurks in the shadows of our happiness because we fed it full of fear, and when it got too big and uncontrollable, we closed our eyes and told ourselves we didn’t believe in it.

Don’t tell me to live without regret.

Tell me it’s normal and it’s terrifying. Tell me it will paralyze me, but only temporarily. Tell me I’m human and I did things worthy of regret. Tell me you’re human and you did things worthy of regret, too. Tell me regret will find me when I’m alone in the dark and all my other emotions have been put to bed. Tell me regret is only one emotion, and there will be many more painful and beautiful ones to come.

Tell me this so that the next time my regret goes bump in the night, I won’t lie paralyzed in the darkness.

For years, there has been a negative notion claiming that emotions make you weak. The world assumes that we have nothing to share but our sensitivity and our vulnerability. However, not only is that a false notion, but an unhealthy one. Emotions are what make people strong. No matter who you are, your emotions are what make you resilient. Without emotions, you’d be constantly hardening your heart, giving in to what the world wants. In reality, the world will break you and convince you that logic takes the crown. They say that there is strength in using your mind to make decisions, but they don’t realize that it’s a sign of weakness. There is something to be said about letting yourself feel and being transparent with that to the world.

You are not weak because of your emotions, you’re strong because of them. It’s what makes you invincible to the chaos and madness the world has to offer. Emotions are what makes life full of irrevocable beauty, and no matter how mundane, what you feel will play importance in this. People who don’t associate emotions with strength fear that they’ll be judged, criticized, or hated for what they feel. Since when did the world demand a right to what you feel? Since when did the heart become less when everything we do revolves around love and passion?

Emotions are the heart of the world and logic is what follows to back it up. Without emotions, you’re not living your life, just existing, and that’s the darkest way to live. So no, you are not and will never be defined by your emotions. What makes you remarkably powerful is the passion behind your voice every time you speak up. What makes all the world so magnificent is how people choose to portray the love they have in their hearts to the world.

You can see it by the way people choose to give parts of themselves to those that need it most. It’s not weakness, it’s selflessness and sacrifice.

Yet, I have gone to the acknowledgment that is alright not to be strong constantly, I used to advise myself to not give anybody access or let them know about my battles, I had the conviction that those that are strong, they don't feel like they have the space to be weak.

What's more, the individuals who are generally so bustling caring for others don't generally circumvent requesting help. Yet, as the strong one you experience your own difficulties, and it there can be occasions where you arrive at a limit.

Imagine a scenario where somebody sees you drain. Consider the possibility that somebody see the tears you mind your own business. Imagine a scenario in which somebody hears the most profound dreams and wants in your day to day existence that you don't generally discover the spot or an opportunity to discuss.

Its alright wanting for somebody to hold you, to deal with you. It's not something to be embarrassed about. It's not shortcoming. It's somewhat a quality, we as a whole need a somebody to advise us that it's alright to not be solid constantly. It's the intensity of adoration.

I long to be dealt with, not monetarily, however I need a solid arm around my shoulders, somebody who can hold me down, regardless of the tempest I persevered through that day. I am free monetarily, yet I don't wish to remain mentally strong any longer.

Furthermore, obviously you can keep being solid for other people. Be that as it may, ensure it's emerging from a quality you will have the option to support.

The sentiment of not being picked by somebody you need is a crappy inclination, it harms our hearts, it wounds our consciences, it makes us question that we are attractive by any means. Be that as it may, why? Envision an existence where everybody demonstrated revenue in everybody. Where is simply the singularity, where is the uniqueness of connections? It would be nonexistent. The ideas of fascination, want, and love would in a real sense be not all that much.

We've all accomplished not being choose by somebody we needed. Possibly they didn't need a relationship. Perhaps they were a truly talented player who made them accept for a period that they needed us, just to confuse us. Whatever the purpose behind them not picking us, we got past it. We licked our injuries, we recuperated, and we proceeded onward.

What's more awful than not being picked for the above reasons, isn't being picked in light of the fact that they chose another person. What's more, that opens up a totally different ton of pain and uncertainty. That is something that regardless of how certain I am, or how hard I continually pursue confidence, another person being chosen over me makes me question such a great amount about myself.

It makes me question my judgment, the manner in which I get circumstances, and how I value understanding individuals, on being a decent adjudicator of character. If I was such a decent adjudicator of character, would this have occurred? Wouldn't I have seen this coming?

It makes me question all that I know. It shows up, my character, my humor and if here and there I go too far excessively far. It makes me overanalyze exactly how we're being decided by possible accomplices, which makes me give little credit to what exactly truly matters… the quality of the association.

What's more, this is the place where we battle. We battle with the obscure. We battle with the why. We battle with the unexplainable. With the way that regardless of the amount we think we know, how natural we think we will be, there consistently the opportunity that we can be walloped, particularly enamored. We need to surrender control of what it is we think we know, of what it is we think we comprehend.

In the end, regardless of how shrewd we trust ourselves to be or the amount we contemplate connections, we will never have any screwing thought with regards to why individuals settle on the decisions they make. We will never truly know or comprehend why they don't choose us even after we've given such a large amount of ourselves to them, regardless of how secure we were figuring they would.

However, perhaps shouldn't have the idea about these things. Possibly we should simply accept them as learning encounters and life exercises whose design is to enable us to develop, love ourselves, and not base our value on whether individuals choose us.

So how about we invest more energy to relinquish the deep longing to know why. How about we attempt to relinquish what isn't intended to be.

Attempt to sincerely and intellectually let go of we can't control and that the main thing we can really control is ourselves, our activities, and our decisions.

What's more, how about we truly attempt to figure out how to give more significance to what in particular truly matters, with regards to choosing you, it truly shouldn't make any difference if they don't.

For some time, I thought my life was going the correct way, yet then it kind of spiraled out and I'm left pondering a ton and reproducing my new typical. They state change is acceptable, however what happens when a ton comes at you at the same time? I'm not somebody who manages change well, and what I experienced was sufficient to nearly push me off the edge.

Consider this, as much as I consider all that I've experienced and the measure of progress I've suffered, I wouldn't change anything. Since I accept that all that has transpired in my life has been on purpose. Also, that is a hard thing for me to concede.

I don't figure I would actually disclose it to myself, however would anybody have the option to?

Would anybody have the option to comprehend the manner in which life works and why things that are fortunate or unfortunate transpire?

We wouldn't have the option to think back and tell our friends and family how hard we attempted to get what we needed. At long last, we'd feel baffled in ourselves.

Now and then I feel like life is attempting to play with my head. I'll have extraordinary days and beneficial things transpiring, just for it to grind to a halt since something turns out badly. The most exceedingly awful parts about those occasions is now and again we don't see them coming and can't control them, so we're compelled to acknowledge this new ordinary in our life.

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Great information about this article my Dear

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2 years ago

When you're generally the strong one, you ordinarily stay strong and cannot tell others about how you really feel. When you're generally the strong one, you're careful about giving your issues to any other individual. You consider that to be laying a weight on individuals you should be supporting.

I agree with you on this. I have the same sentiment because as I was growing up I have had a lot of struggles in life and faced a lot of challenges which makes me a strong person. People think that I'm a strong independent woman but that is just my facade. Deep inside I also have a fragile and vulnerable heart. A lot of things hurts me, but then since they know that I'm a strong person, I have to live with that and keep all the weight of negativity to myself. I have to show them that I'm not affected by any adversities of life at all. I always try to keep it to myself without asking for help from others.

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2 years ago

Wow!! Good written dear. I think if someone rejected by others then don't upset. Rejections make you much more stronger.

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2 years ago

Don't be upset.I hope you become better strong by others ignoring.Just keep patience and do that what is good for you.

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2 years ago

We all feel bad when we are rejected but we can't please anyone so we should learn to grow a thicker skin in order to overcome rejection frustrations.

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2 years ago

So good Writing Dear

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2 years ago


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2 years ago