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Open Field, Cows and Bridges

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1 year ago
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I started walking every afternoon when my weight hit around 94 kg. At 5'10" the BMI said that I'm overweight bordering moderately obese. I walk the same route for 21 days now and on a calorie deficit. Thankfully there are significant results as I'm now down to 88 kg. My target weight is around 65-70 kg by the end of the year. Let's see if I'll achieve it. :)

This bridge is near my home. We often played here during our youth. That big narra tree over there is very old but it's now difficult to get near because of the tall grasses.
Just on the over the other side is the railroad. I experienced walking over there and it's very scary. The old woods would rattle every time someone stepped on them. There's also a river under it.
Just another view of the same concrete bridge. Now, we walk.
It's dangerous to walk here; the sidewalk is very narrow. It's always lights out when I arrive at home so I make sure to always bring a light source. Although I'm very familiar with this road, the cars are just a few feet away from me.

Wow! This is closest I've been to a transmission tower. By now, I think I've already covered quarter of the distance. It's a back and forth walk so I would soon passed it again.
This is the second bridge. It's like a jungle beyond it
Some graffiti.
We can also see the connecting railroad bridge from here. Unlike the first one this is safer to cross because it's fairly new. The older one was destroyed by a typhoon so the officials had no choice but to construct a new one.
And here's the not so clean river. I'm always wondering why there are people throwing their garbage in the river. There's a garbage truck which passes once a week so what might be their reason for doing something like this.
There's plenty of cows here. It's free grass so cow owners usually take their pasture here. There's plenty of grass and a clean water source.
Let me rest that's already over 2 kilometers of mostly brisk walking. I like this part of the walk no residences and the air is fresh.
There are still some trash but the little creek is fairly clean.
The birds are active just before dusk. Several hundred meters and we'll walk our return trip.
Almost one kilometer of mango trees along the road
We now arrive at the last bridge. So we have three bridges in total after reaching this point.
After snapping some images of these weird looking fruits it's now time to go back.

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Written by   15
1 year ago
Topics: Nature, Walk, Animals, Reflection, Health, ...
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