What makes a skill a High Income one

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People categorized skills into two: Low and high income.

So yesterday I asked the members of a WhatsApp group - What makes a skill a "high income skill"?

What are your thoughts on this?

According to Coursera

High-income skills are skills and expertise that employers tend to value highly. These job skills may be a bit more rare, and they’re often crucial to running a successful business.

High-income skills are those that are in high demand, and they can be extremely useful to have. They can help you stand out from the crowd, and they can help you get a job more easily.

High-income skills are often technical skills, such as programming, SEO, copywriting, App and Software dev, UX design, and more. However, there are also interpersonal skills that can be considered high income. For example, if you're good at negotiation or sales, this could be considered a high income skill.

It's important to note that high income skills aren't just about making money. They're also about gaining experience and knowledge that will help you grow and develop professionally. And that's what makes them so great!

Back to the response received from the question I asked in the group chat.

Okay, responses show that quite a number do not really understand the concept of a high income skill. No. What makes a high income skill is not because of the title "high income". It has to do with an important factor: Value - the value offered by the skills.

Sounds like a cliché right. You know, be valuable, solve problems, this and that. But a valuable problem-solving skill is just a slice of the pie. A tiny slice. After all, we have valuable skills and practices that are becoming obsolete in the modern world (Like the use of machines for medical diagnosis and treatment is replacing the need for humans). So the larger slice of the pie goes to its evergreen market demand.

Now a skill like copywriting (writing to make someone take a particular action), communication skills, and sales and marketing skills in general. These skills apply to any and everything in life.

There are lots of brands and companies (physical or digital). The only way they can make money is by effectively exchanging their value (product, service, etc) with their target customers. And they all need marketers, advertisers, copywriters, etc, irrespective of the product or service they have. So a high income skill is a part of sales and marketing (or fully sales and marketing) So no. Being valuable is not enough at all. A lot of valuable people in the trenches.

Your ability to effectively find the people who WANT your value (product, service, skills, etc) and your ability to make them WANT it from you, is where your money is. And that is what sales and marketing are all about, and why it is a high income skill.

  • E-commerce: Selling physical products (value) online

  • Affiliate marketing: Selling other people's (physical or digital) products (value) online or on-site

  • Copywriting: Writing words that sell a product or service (value)

  • Amazon kdp: Writing/creating books on various markets (values) for Amazon to sell for you...

The list is endless and they all have one thing in common: SELL.

It's okay if you were not taught how to sell. It's not your fault. But you're solely responsible for not educating yourself on how to sell.

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