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You can come across a life-changing opportunity 50 times in a year yet your life will remain the same (if it doesn't deteriorate) because you don't DO. You don't act on any. And even if you decide to act on one, you don't give it time before jumping on the next.

Then there are opportunities and there are opportunities. How do you know the right one?

Well, there's always work. A process to follow. A skill to learn. Actions to take consistently. And a value to exchange (sell) for money. Anything besides this is a waste of time, energy, and resources in the short and long run

Making money must be market driven, not personal joy driven. The number of people in the world, or in your contact list, Twitter handle, etc who got out of bed this morning hoping you will have your own passion and joy today is little. Very little. But the number of people who get out of bed with diseases they desperately want cures for, problems they urgently seek solutions for, hopes and dreams they need help fulfilling, these numbers are long.

If you want to attract maximum wealth (or money if your mindset can't comprehend the concept of wealth yet) in minimum time, here's the formula:

Find a list of these people that you can

  1. Offer your own superior solution to their problem to

  2. Offer the solution created by someone else for a commission as an affiliate marketer

Now you may have these solutions but you still struggle to make money because you don't know how to effectively build a relationship first with these people, and communicate your offer in time.

This some know how to do well. That is why they make a lot of money than you do.

Useful tips

No. You don't need a lot of traffic. You need a lot of quality traffic. People who WANT what you have to offer and are able to pay for it. Except you have access to multiple products offering solutions to different problems (like affiliate marketers do) you should focus on talking to people who are in need of your offers. Amaka I'm not buying lingerie for any girl now. I'm still single.

You fail in your business or whatever Because you fail to learn the sales and marketing aspects of it. Writing sales copies (copywriting) is one of the most crucial sales & marketing skills you must have. Amaka stop begging people to buy what you're selling by learning how to sell.

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The shortcut has two options one is success and the second is a failure. So if we do things with. a proper process and with consistency we achieve two things. One is success and the second is serenity.

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