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I shouldn't have left the house.

I had mixed feelings when my roommate told me that I could come along with her to celebrate Valentine's day with her boyfriend. She had just gotten a grand Valentine ask out from him and they were going to the new Club Royal. The two of us had been looking forward to going to the Club so, she had been very excited when her boyfriend suggested spending their Valentine's night out there. It would be great, she had told me several times and I didn't doubt her. But the thing is, it's their Valentine's night. I really didn't want to tag along and seem a nuisance. Although she gave me a lot of assurance that I wouldn't be (a nuisance), I still felt a bit...guilty? I wouldn't have minded if it were something like a double date but the problem was that I didn't have a Valentine. In fact, I had intended spending the whole day in the room. But she was a very good talker and she could influence so well that I finally gave in and agreed to go. 

We were so enthusiastic about the whole thing, especially going to the club we had been drooling on. We, as they say it, dressed to impress. She was dazzling in her date dress and she looked so happy. She spread the excitement and I caught it on too. Her Valentine was so beautiful, I almost felt a little jealous. Her boyfriend had really meant to make their first Valentine together big. I had just met him too. It was my second time seeing him but it was the first time meeting him up close. The one time I had seen him before, it was from afar. 

My roommate and I are like best friends. She told me about many things, and her boyfriend was often a subject of our discussions. She seemed to like him a lot although I didn't think much of him. Sometimes, they fought and she frequently got angry at his 'open flirting'. So, maybe that was the idea that was in my mind when I thought I saw him wink at me. 

The club was just as we expected. We set off to have the time of our lives. My roommate was so thrilled with everything that she was everywhere and sometimes, I was alone by myself. I didn't mind much though; it was her Valentine date so, she didn't have to be stuck with me. I was fine by myself; I was just there to have fun. But later, I had to wish that I was near her. 

It was about an hour since I last saw her. She's probably with her boyfriend, I had thought. I was relaxed among the crowd, enjoying the music and having a drink. Because of the noise, it took some time for me to realize that someone was behind me, staring. I turned and jumped a little in surprise when I saw him; my roommate's boyfriend. He looked as if he had been waiting for me to notice him. He was sitting so close to me that I felt very uncomfortable. But I didn't say anything about it. Instead, I asked him where my friend was. 'She's having fun', he had said carelessly while still staring at me. It gave me the creeps. I knew that I didn't like him. He didn't appear much clean. I stood up and made to leave but he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me back to the seat. Was he drunk? 'Where are you leaving me to?' He asked me. Why would he ask that? And 'leaving him'? I wasn't his girlfriend! I didn't even know him. I could only stutter but I pulled my hand out of his. I told him that I had to find my roommate; his girlfriend, thinking that that might make him recompose himself. But he snatched my hand back. 'Why'? He asked. 'You don't like my company? Eh?...Uh...' He tried to recollect my name. 'Stella.' He said, soon enough; he remembered my name. He repeated the name to himself and suddenly, pulled me closer. I was half shocked and half agitated. But I was getting very upset. I told him that I had to excuse myself and he should let me go but he forced himself nearer. He smelled of alcohol but he wasn't drunk. He clearly wasn't drunk. I was feeling suffocated. He was forcing himself on me. And in the midst of all these people! Not that people cared but still... I hit him unexpectedly, partly in reflex. It was hard so he was dazed by that and with the opportunity, I managed to wrench myself out of his grip.

I half ran away from the area. I was somewhat disgusted by him and I was also angry for my friend. I had to find her. I've heard of stories like this and I know how it ends. But at that time, I remembered how positive she had been about this date and how happy she looked. I sighed in resignation. Maybe I wouldn't tell her now. I couldn't spoil the mood. But, I resolved to point it to her later on. 

My mood had turned sour after that. I didn't dance anymore nor did I drink. I was keeping my eyes open. My roommate found me and dragged me to the meat spot. I saw that her boyfriend too was there. I felt so uncomfortable. And luckily but also unluckily, my roommate didn't notice my edgy mood. About one or two times I knew that I still felt her boyfriend's dirty looks on me. After a short while, I decided that I had better go to the bathroom. 

I intended to stay there until we were ready to leave. That was better, I thought. But I didn't know that the lunatic would dare to find me there. I was by the corridor to the female bathroom when I heard some drunk ladies push a man. I hated it here too. It was dark and dirty. Then, I heard him call my name. Rage washed through me. He again? Where was my roommate? I quickly hid in an empty toilet space. I was scared now and I feared that he might hear my shaky breathing. He called my name repeatedly and said that he knew that I was there. He just wanted to talk to me and I shouldn't be a baby about this. I knew that he just wasn't alright. I knew what to do next. I grabbed my phone out of my bag and called my roommate. Thankfully, she picked up almost immediately. 

Priscilla...my voice was trembling as I tried to whisper. She said that she couldn't hear me and asked where I was. I dared to raise my voice a little higher. I told her; I was in the female bathroom and I wasn't okay. She had to come straightaway. 'And Kelvin is here.' I didn't forget to add. I knew that she would hurry to me with that. Her boyfriend must have heard my voice because he came to the space I was hiding and pounded on the door. But my roommate arrived so (thank goodness!) early. 

She was calling my name as she marched briskly into the place. I knew that her boyfriend realized just then that I must have called her. He swore loudly and muttered; 'Bitch!' He attempted to hide in one of the toilets but his girlfriend was fast. She must have seen him because she called his name a little loud. That was when I came out. 

A small crowd formed around us quickly as Priscilla stirred up a scene. She'd gone ballistic on her boyfriend who was too shocked to respond. You know our people...they took videos non stop. It was so embarrassing! I felt very upset at how the whole situation turned out. But I couldn't have helped it any better. Priscilla hit him severally and said that she'd noticed but she didn't want to allow negative thoughts...it went on and she cried. I couldn't help feeling that it was kind of my fault. I shouldn't have gone with her, I knew. Now, I regretted it. I badly wanted to go back to this morning and not have left the house. 

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Oh btw never go with friends who want to spend night with her boyfriend. Because, a lot of Insecurities.

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