I Survive During Pandemic With Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago

I'm just a normal girl that living in a small town. I work in a small bakery. Today, I want to share my story during pandemic and how I manage to stay alive.

Stay alive? Why? Well, I don't have parents anymore and I am just 18 years old. My parents past away when I was 10 years old and they left alone. I don't have siblings and I used to live with my uncle.

Living with my uncle is not the part that you would like to experience. I am an innocent girl when I start living with my uncle.

He treated me like a slave and when I turning as a woman he act so weird and sometimes I caught him sneaking everytime I went to take a bath.

So I decided to seperate with him and start living on my own. So when I was 16 years old, I started working as an assistant in a small bakery here in our town.

They provide shelter for me while I was working with them and food is not a problem so I saved money while I was working there.

Last year, our local government unit told us about the quarantine period here in our town and I am afraid because I don't have a place to stay because the bakery will close during that time.

By the way, I live in that bakery because there is a small room there and it is just enough for me to stay there.

But the bakery will close and no one will take care of it so I really need to evacuate. I look for an apartment to stay or just a bed space. But they told me to find an apartment than a bed space due to covid-19.

After a couple of weeks they quarantine period has been extended over and over. I don't have enough money to sustain my needs. So I need to find a new source of income.

I found cryptocurrency while I was searching and I can't make any single dollar with it. Faucets, claiming bonuses and more activities I tried just to earn enough but it didn't work.

After a couple of months I am just eating once a day just to save money for the rest of quarantine. I made money by selling fishballs and other food that I personally made or cooked.

But I can only profit 100 Pesos per day so its not enough to sustain my rent and the food that I need.

Then I Found Noise.Cash

On my first day in noise.cash, I earned almost a dollar by just posting stuffs. This is my first time earning that amount online.

I never thought that these kind of platform does exist. I keep posting and using noise.cash for a coulple of months and I earned enough to help me with my daily needs.

I save some Bitcoin Cash for future purposes and guess what, I was surprised that my Bitcoin Cash is now has a higher value than last few months.

Bitcoin Cash Serve as My New Currency

After saving and earning Bitcoin Cash, I use it often than cash. I can buy digital item like mobile credits and I sell those mobile credits to other people.

I also share Bitcoin Cash to my friends and they are earning it as well.

The good thing happen to me when I was sharing Bitcoin Cash is I ended up sharing it with a friend of mine that owns a store. He is now accepting Bitcoin Cash as a payment if you want to buy foods or any kind of stuff that he is selling.

Everyday, I don't go to any store to buy my daily needs. Instead, I use most of my Bitcoin Cash to his store. It's fast and reliable payment and no hassle.

I want to share it to other store owner soon so that I can spend my Bitcoin Cash to different kind of stores as well.

I Found Some Friends With Bitcoin Cash

I was talking about Bitcoin Cash that time in front of my friend's store. Then a girl approached me and ask me about Bitcoin Cash. Then I told her that I earned it from noise.cash and fortunately she is using it as well.

Then she told me about read.cash, she wants me to join and make some articles and earn Bitcoin Cash. That's why I'm here.

I want to make friends here as well so if you want to be one of my friend, you can comment in this article and let's be friends.

I want to learn more about Bitcoin Cash and I guess this is the right place to start learning. I've been reading a lot of posts/articles here last nighy and I'm surprised that a lot of people here are talking about Bitcoin Cash.

Unexpected Help

I'm almost getting empty and I'm about to lose everything. Then noise.cash, a website that is powered by Bitcoin Cash came to help me survive.

I don't know the reason why I found noise.cash and Bitcoin Cash but one thing I knew, It was planned by the GOD.

Thanks for Bitcoin Cash for extending my journey here on earth. If it's not because of it, I am now lying on my bed while starving to death.

Save More Bitcoin Cash

After reading a couple of posts/articles here, I found out that I need to save more Bitcoin Cash than spending it for some reasons. I used to spend it everyday but for me, that's what it supposed to be.

I will save more starting today but I will spend less than saving. I think I can handle my self now because the bakery that I used to work with, is now operating like before.

Now I don't need to spend money everyday for food and I can save more Bitcoin Cash than before.

My Journey

I will try to improve making articles here so that I can be a better author starting today. This is my first posts by the way and I made it for one and a half day. I think It's not bad if I post it now. You can rate my article as well if you want to help me and leave a comment or suggestions for improving this. Until next time and GOD BLESS!

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1 year ago


You are truly an inspiration for all you have been through. Thank you for sharing this with us. Wishing you all the best!

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1 year ago

I totally agree. Through read.cash and noise.cash I was able to buy the dream cake of my nephew. I have my emergency fund now thanks to a bitcoin as well.

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1 year ago

Your writing is good, I think we can expect more articles!

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1 year ago

I just joined here as well. I hope we can be friends. I will try noise.cash too. You are very strong. I hope God may bless you more.

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1 year ago