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Happy Halloween everyone! We are also facing a new month today, just look how fast it is, it's already December next month gonna celebrate Christmas, charr so excited. Since today is holiday, I will share this prompt which is fun to answer. You can also try it if you don't have something to write.

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Would You Rather...

Walkthrough a graveyard at midnight OR Spend a night in a spooky, abandoned house

Ans: Walkthrough a graveyard at midnight

Unsplash by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic

Although both of these are creepy but why I chose graveyard is because I can passed through it for 1-2 hours but to stay 8-10 hours in a spooky abandoned house is too much, lol! That's it, I only chose which one I can end fast.

Dunk for apples OR Carve a jack-lantern

Ans: Dunk for apples

I haven't tried 'Dunk for apples' but I guess this is a fun game. It looks very challenging but as we know what makes a program more fun is to have challenging games; so I'll go for it.

Be allowed to eat as much Halloween candy as you want for a week, but then have what is left taken away OR Be allowed to eat only one peace a day but never have it taken away

Ans: Be allowed to eat only one peace a day but never have it taken away

Unsplash by Jamie Albright

Good thing about this question is it use 'candy' because if it use 'chocolate then I will go for the other one. I really love chocolate but for candy, not that much, so one candy for a day is fine with me.

Meet a vampire OR Meet a werewolf

Ans: Meet a vampire

There's a lot of vampires in movie and book, but still I want to see it in personal especially Dracula the famous vampire of all. If you have seen the movie Twilight, just look how handsome and beautiful the characters are.

Be a vampire OR Be a werewolf

Ans: Be a vampire

Unsplash by Sander Sammy

Aside that I am more interested in vampire, I don't want to be hairy.

Read a spooky story OR See a spooky movie

Ans: Read a spooky story

It's been a long time the last time I read horror stories that's why I prefer to chose this one. During primary there's always this yearly visitor who are selling story books and I always buy horror genre aside from my those children literature. Then, everytime our adviser is not around, me and my friends loves to read it.

Have a costume that is really amazing, but also very uncomfortable OR Have a costume that is not anything all that special but is comfortable to wear.

Ans: Have a costume that is not anything all that special but is comfortable to wear.

I just want to be comfortable in anything that I wear, but if it is a competition and there is a big prize why not to suffer for a moment, charr.

Have a homemade costume OR Have a store-bought costume

Ans: Have a store-bought costume

As of now, I am so busy that's mean that I don't have time to make my own costume. There's a lot of affordable and nice costume online and I prefer to buy one than making my own since I'm not sure if I will create a good one.

See you tomorrow for the Part II

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Cheers to meeting a handsome vampire ๐Ÿ˜‚

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4 months ago

Yay!takot ako sa madilim di ko talaga kaya mag stay sa ganyang mga lugar na mag isa baka mahimatay ako sa takot๐Ÿ˜‚

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4 months ago

I agree lahat ng vampire sa movies, ang ha handsome hahaha. I also prefer to walked to graveyard rather than stay in abandoned house but if may kasama naman ako pwede din hahaha, paunahan na lang kami mag collapse joke hahah

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4 months ago

We have got so many good presentation of Vampires and stories that I think very few would go for Werewolves even though they are also cool. Me, why not a werewolf- vampire hybrid, haha.

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4 months ago

I guess I would also prefer to walk through the graveyard than to stay inside the spooky house. I can't even imagine myself being inside alone๐Ÿ˜. I don't usually like reading horror stories but I do watch so I'd prefer a spooky movie ๐Ÿ˜….

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4 months ago

Gusto ko din store-bought costume sis. Hehe di ako marunong gumawa pag handmade baka ano itsura ng finish product pag ganun. ๐Ÿ˜

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4 months ago