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It Was On!

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2 months ago
Topics: Experience, Scary, Night

It was more or less 8 p.m. when I enter my room.

I open my favorite book, read 4 pages of it then take my short prayers after. Everything was done and it is time for me to do what I want. I pick up my phone and it shows low battery, I get my charger and plug it in the outlet near in my bed.

While waiting for it to fully charge, I get my pencil and a piece of bond paper. I was thinking for a subject to draw that time, but my mind is not working well. It was almost half an hour of trying to draw but it always end up ugly, so I decided to keep those materials back in my drawer.

I open my phone and it was still not fully charge, but atleast it is not that lowbat. I sit on the upper portion of my bed and started to use my phone while charging.


I open YouTube application, and watch funny videos

Hour's had passed, and I hear the voice of my father talking to my younger brother.

"Ren, ang selpon! Magtulog ug sayo, ayaw segi'g gamit ug selpon hangtud kadlawon"

Translation :

"Ren, the cellphone! Sleep early, and don't keep on using cellphone until dawn"

I check the time and right! It was already 10:30 p.m. My parents, especially my father don't want us to use phone at night, usual 10:30 we should sleep, he keeps on saying that it is not good for our health. But sometimes I disobey his rules, because of the reason that I cannot sleep, or I enjoy using it.

I stand up and switch my light's off, low down the brightness of my phone and locked the door. I unplug the charger of my phone and then comfortably lay in bed.

11 p.m. and that time I am watching funny videos. Since both of the door and window are closed, it start to feel hot. I only use ceiling fan in my room, and it is always in switch on, what I always do is to plug and unplug it. The outlet is in the head portion of my head, so it's not hard for me to plug it, even an advantage for me if my phone get lowbat again.

It was already 11:30 and I still enjoy watching videos, and I don't even feel sleepy, but I started to feel cold. I easily feel cold actually (I don't know why my skin is like this, even at mall just for an hour I feel like all cold stick in my skin), so I pull the wire to unplug the ceiling fan.


The ceiling make some noise.

I scroll down my phone and click the flashlight mode on.

I face my phone up and saw the ceiling fan spinning. It was exactly 12 am, the outlet was on plug, it was really on!


Author's Note :

Hello lovely readers!

This story happened few months ago, it is not that scary experience but it's unusual right? I just want to share this to you, not to scare but to tell you to sleep early. Lol! I think it's my moral lesson that night. And also to pray always readers!

I would like to say thank you for those who support my articles, especially to my sponsors.

Sending Hugs!


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Written by   140
2 months ago
Topics: Experience, Scary, Night
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Spooky! Yan kasi kaseselpon haha!

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2 months ago

Lol! Lesson learned nga sa akin. Siguro limit nalang:D

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2 months ago

Hi sis,its me mativator09 of your parents i also dont like my kids to stay up using phone late at night.

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2 months ago

Nice to see you here Sis. I think that is better, not to tolerate them and also to take care their health.

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2 months ago