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Many of us dreamed to be rich, travel around the world, meet the famous person and many others. We are dreaming so much for our self that we forget other people around us. We forget our origin after having too much wealth and assets. Money is not the end of everything.

I will tell you some key points on how you considered yourself successful:

°Be confident. As an individual we need to believe in our capabilities and skills. Believing in yourself will boost your self-esteem and confident that your going to achieve whatever you want.

°Be humble. Do not be overconfident and become boastful. Humility is they key to have an innerpeace and unity to everyone. Whenever you receive rewards or achievements dont brag about it.

°Be patient. Patience is a virtue. Everyone has its own pace. We shouldn't need to rush everything because if you are striving hard to something it worth waiting for. Perfect timing will be rewarding for those who are patiently wait and believing.

°Be religious. Being religious knows no religion or beliefs. Its all about having faith to the only God who created everything in this world. The true essence of success is following His commandments. We should love our neighbors as we love God and ourselves.

The True Essence of Success

Material things will not make you successful. Too much ambition and dependent to materials things will result into vast greedness, that will make you want more and more. You will feel insecure and it will non-stop. Success is when you are happy and enjoying your life with your loved ones. Helping each other, loving each other, supporting each other, and most importantly praying for each other and to the whole people in the world.

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I agree. But I also disagree. Think of it another way. What can I do if I become rich for other people? I can create businesses and offer people jobs that they can make a living with and feed their families. I can be charitable to organizations that help others and causes I believe in. I can purchase more goods from other businesses, thereby creating more jobs, and at least maintaining their necessity.

I think there is all too often this misconception that the rich just hold onto everything selfishly. I think people forget that much of what they have and what they enjoy comes from the rich. All the products we enjoy come from the rich who made the products and started the businesses. All the money we make comes from those products and businesses and so on and so forth.

Money is not everything. It is not the end all to be all. But having money and being rich helps many more people than the poor do. And that's not to disparage the poor in any way. But simply to highlight the massive contribution to society the rich make.

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1 year ago

Thank you for that wonderful comment po. You just have such futuristic perception about things. Im not reslly good in giving specific details in my writings because we have our own perception and understanding. As for what Im saying po is we should love our neighbors as we love God and ourselves. Materials or money can help us but we should not praise it or loved it to much coz that can be result to greedness. Im not against to rich people po coz the important thing is they will have a humble and kind heart despite of their success in career. Feel free to share po. I gladly read it po. Have a good day.

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