My Father's Bodyguard

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This day was kinda exciting. I've seen my father prepared his butcher knife. He woke up early because he will go to town to his boss residence to cut the pork into parts for their events.

Yesterday was the celebration of their Christmas Party and their boss 41th wedding anniversary. Its kinda amazing how their boss prepared such event for their employees.

After work, eventhough I'm tired coz we also facilitated a PWD Social Pension Pay-out and I have so many documents and plans to review for signing, I'm thankful that I was able to wenr to their party to attent.

I was not there to feast with them. I was there to guard my father. My father is a heavy drinker so I need to looked after him especially on that important occassion. It's not that I was shy to whatever he will do but I'm just want them to enjoy that festive event they were gathering.

Opening Remarks

As the Christmas Party started I kept an eye to my father's location. I was nearby, he started drinking beer and I'm just letting him to enjoy. My boss and his boss gave an opening remarks and welcoming us to that occasion. My boss looked tired but he still managed to be cooperative with his family to celebrate their special day.

Giving of Christmas Bonus

Before their female boss handed their bonuses, their eldest son gave a short speech. He said that those who have advances to their salaries will receive lesser amount to cover their exceeds advances. He said, his mom is quite generous to still give bonuses to those who have exceeded their advances. His parents wanted them to have a bonus so they can also celebrate Christmas with foods on their tables. What a kind boss my father had. They are so lucky to have such boss.

After the speech, their female boss called them one by one. Aside from their Christmas bonus they also received two t-shirts. Everyone received bonuses and their children also received their aguinaldo's so everyone is happy.


The event is not complete without games. My boss children prepared so many game for their employees to enjoy with. The games are:

  • Gin Coke Beer- It is a game wherein they need to follow the instructor's instruction. If the instruction said gin, they need to move their hips around. If the instructor said coke, they need to shake their hips to the right side and if the instructor said beer, they need to move their hips to the left side. This game played by 10 players.

  • Take the bottle- This game played by 5 partners. They followed the instructor if he said head they will touched their head, if the instructor said shoulder they will touched their shoulder, and so on. If the instructor said bottle the player should be attentive to get it first so they will win.

  • Charades- It is a game of words need to be act. In a group there should be the actor and persons who will guess what that word is.

  • Pinoy Henyo- It is a game where the player need to guess the word by the guidance of his teammates.

They all enjoyed the games so much because the winner will receive 200 peso bill as their prize. Aside from games they also have raffle draws and if your ne will be called you will be receiving another 200 peso bill. My father got selected so he is very happy. My father gave the 200 peso bill to my nieces and to my nephew. They also awarded the Best in Smiling Face, Best Buddies, Best in Chika etc.

Closing Remarks

The Christmas Party and Wedding Anniversary ended well. Their boss gave a word of gratitude to their employees as part of their company and to their lives. They ended it with group pictures. I was so happy that I've seen my father taking a picture with them even he is kinda drunk already. Their boss now opened the use of videole where they can sing.

I didn't notice that my father went to the other side, so I looked for him immediately and when I found him I told him were going home. He refused first and tried to go back inside when were already at the gate. He said his going to collect the pig's food. I told him he can get it tomorrow. There are so many people saying, just carry on maam take him with you. I just ignored them and focused on my father. He is already talking loud a signed that he is already drunk. He also tend to shout loud saying random things. I asked my father where he parked the padyak, a three wheeled vehicle. It is a bicycle with side car where he used for everyday going to town to collect the pig's food.

I pleaded my father to listen to me and just hop in to the padyak to avoid commotion. Thanks God he listened to me and hopped in. I managed to rode the padyak with my father and he said be careful at the crossing hahaha. He also said drive carefully coz he's dizzy. I just smiled. There are so many people eyeing on us while riding home. I don't care anyway. The important thing is I can secure my father's safety. I'm happy to guard my father especially when he's drunk and he is on the other house far from home. My neighbors and my father's drinking mate usually called me as my father's bodyguard and Im proud of being one.

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