The night stuff; Nyctophilia

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11 months ago


I hope so you all are fine and doing well.

Some are enjoying the rains and some are waiting for rain. Some feels cold and some are waiting for cold. Although our mother earth is a little blue dot in the universe but it's vast enough that we all don't receive the rain at once. Just think if our earth is so wide and vast. Than how vast is the whole universe. And all credit goes to the creator.

He's the God and he's the best creator.

  • He made day for us so that we do our work and home chores in day light.

  • He made night for us so that in darkness we take some rest and ready for another day.

  • With every sunrise we are motivated to complete our tasks and think positive about our goals.

  • With every sunset we feel tired and we want some rest. I think there's a magic in these all systems.

These are never ending systems of nature. And we sets our life according to these systems.

We're all different too because some of us love the daylight and some of us Love the moonlight or darkness. Those who loves the daylight always waiting for the day, they feel fear from darkness. But those who loves the moon light and always waiting for the darkness or night. But most of us waiting for the night so that they can do some rest but most of us waiting for day because of their incomplete task.


Nyctophilia is the attraction towards darkness and those who feel comfortable in darkness. They are nyctophilia person.


Nyctophobia is the fear from darkness and Don't feel comfortable in the darkness. They are nyctophobia person.

I'm nyctophilia

I love to spend more time in darkness or in dark places. But if I'm nyctophilia than automatically I should be; it

  • Selenophile

  • Autophile

  • Insomniac person

If you know me than you also know that i can't sleep at night. I suffered from insomnia but now I don't suffer actually i enjoy the insomnia. I learn to live as such that i love to wake up whole night. In night mostly everyone is sleeping and have some rest and I'm the only person who is waking for late night and i wandered here and there in my home at night. There's a peace, calm and silence in darkness and loneliness. I love the time when I'm alone in night so automatically I'm autophile too.

You can't ignore the moon

If you love the darkness, if you are insomniac person than you can't hate the moon who is a little light in dark. Obviously there's nothing to do at night so my favorite work at night just gazing at sky and see the beauty of moon and stars.

A little wish

When I was a child i always see a bright star with moon and i wish that one day i also be like this shining star. But as I'm getting older i know it's the Venus which is evening star so always see with moon.

It doesn't mean that only full moon is beautiful but the moon of date 3 and 4 is also beautiful. And on 1st date it's not easy to see the moon.

Ending words

Maybe you're getting bored from my article. And I'm sorry for that but if you're a nature lover than I'm sure you enjoy the reading too. We all have different choice's and i respect of your choice too.

All the pictures are captured by me including lead image.

Thank you for your time and love

Stay happy and blessed ❤️

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11 months ago


I'm a day light person but I love the complete darkness while resting. I love the pictures especially the tree. That looks like a wall hanger!!

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11 months ago

Yes we love to rest in darkness it's natural thing. These all picture are captured by me but at different time and day's and I'm happy you like my photography 🥰

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11 months ago

I am both friend because sometimes I love staying at the darkness because it makes me calm and focus but sometimes I am afraid of darkness also.

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11 months ago

Yes sometimes it's on situation that what we like the most

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11 months ago

Yes friend that's true. It's depend of a situation we had.

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11 months ago