Lessons I've learned from life

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9 months ago

We all lived a life and we all are almost suffer from it. But some people rise after they suffer and some get down more after they suffer any critical condition. I also suffer from life sometimes i learned a lesson from it and sometimes i disappointed from those.

Life isn't good for me as i thought life is so easy but everything happened against to my thoughts. Life is so tough, sometimes i think it's so tough for me only but than i think no everyone face critical situation in life.

I suffered even in my teenage

A biggest cheat i recieve from my family when i was a teen girl. Actually people enjoy their teenage but i suffer hardships in teenage due to my relatives. They blame me that I've a relationship with my cousin who is almost 4 year's younger than me. It's okay age doesn't matter but i suffer from this. My mom become against of me and she think I'm really in a relationship just because i talk to him with smile face.

Means my smile is the best enemy when i was a teen girl and believe me it was just like a blastor explosion for me. No one was with me than and i feel alone. I cried a lot than too

A lesson i learned from it

I live in a cruel world or society where you have to suffer such things. I learned a lesson that never talk to your male cousin especially when you have bloody relatives. From that time I blocked all of them feom my mobile. Even after my marriage I'm not in a contact with them. There's no need to contact with them especially when they have no intentions for me.

After that blast

Actually after that my mom was totally against of me and she said in front of all you broke my believe. And you know your mom is your best friend and she's the first best friend in your life but i lost that friendship relationship.

But than i took admission in university and a girl came in my life. She again bring a smile on my face. She become me stronger and told me to fight for me. She said I'm with you so you aren't alone. And she gives me power to live once again in life.

Again I got a lesson that no one is yours in this life. When you need them they leave you and when you don't need than they talk with you. But when they need us than start flattering us and than it's hurt. Even no body asked me for food if i remain hungry for hour's. Than i realized this is life that everyone is against you and you're alone.

Then i realized that too i come in this alone

I go from this world alone

Than why i need some fake people to live a life??

From that day or that Time i start to live alone in a room. And fear of darkness Totally ended up which is inside me from year's. I always feel fear from dark but than i feel peace in the dark and i wait for night.

Ending words

I grow up after a long time and in this all process my best friend plays a biggest role. And the other role is of time. Time is my biggest healer. Now i know that if i suffered again than it's took Time to stable again. But now i don't care about other people that what they say about me. With time everything starts to better again but than you atleast know the faje person of your life. I think bad time should also be come in our life because in this way we know the loyal people in our life.

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Thanks for your love, time and support 💕

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9 months ago


Don't let yourself getting trapped in others opinions. Live your life as you want. Its your life so the only thing matter is your wish , choice and willpower

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9 months ago

We fail to cut some people from our lives just because they are our family members. Anyways, I'm not living for people and I've learnt to cut people off if we can't be useful to each other

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9 months ago

Yes we should live for ourselves and then we can live happily too

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9 months ago

Yes my friend. Don't mind the others about what they said because we are the only one who knows ourselves. We are the only who knows the truth.

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9 months ago

And we should believe on ourselves that we are true

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9 months ago