A day without Mobile

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Hey reader's!!!!! I'm back after one day sorry I've a problem yesterday with my mobile phone that's why i can't come online.

In this century can you believe to spend a day without Mobile. It's become a part of our life and i know mostly people said no we can't live without it. As our most of the works now a days depending on mobile phone. Similarly foe me it's hard to live a say without Mobile. But in emergency situation we've to do everything.

Yesterday i was without phone.

I got a surprise actually. I woke up and it's my habit to check what's the Time on my mobile phone instead of watching the wall clock because I've eye sight problem too. So in morning my first gesture is to find my phone around my pillow or side drawer and check the time. Similarly yesterday i find my phone and than open it to check the time. But i got a surprise or you can say i got a shok that it can't open and it's release too kuch heat i feel worried really.

I'm a married girl I've to contact with my Mom, sisters and especially my hubby because he's not live with me he's live out of country due to his business.

Okay than i tried to recharge it so maybe it's betery was down and it's dead and not working but it's all in vein. I almost try to everything to runit but i can't. My face is just like that icry now and now i start to cry hahaha as i start to cry over small problems too.

In law's I've no one whome i asked to check my phone and check it to mobile expert because they all are free on Sunday and i can't wait for a day because i need it.

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Why i feel more sad???

My main reason of sadness and too much worried is that i bought it just 3 months ago and what's happened that it's not working.

Well, i say to my hubby Mom that my phone isn't working and I'm so worried as i told her all the matter and she say me to keep calm. Anyways she helped me a lot. She give me her phone too so i can talk to m hubby and told him that my phone isn't working that's why today my mobile number is going of and i can't respond you.

How i solve my problem???

Than at evening i go to that shop from where i bought it and told him all the matter he checked the phone and said Ma'm you sleep with run out all the application that's why your mobile run during night too and it's the simple problem no need to worried.

Ending thoughts

In this era it's very difficult to live without phone when you concerned to your mobile phone for everything. So after a hectic day I've my phone but some of it's setting were changed which i set it today but believe me it's a hectic day without Mobile phone in this era.

Note: All the ups and down are part of life but we are never ready for it that's why we feel worry .

Thank for reading my article ❤️

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This is so coincidental because last night suddenly my phone started heating too out of nowhere i immediately turned it off and when i opened it . The flash wasn't working at all not even in Cameras which is so bad cause literally this phone was bought in last October . But like things happen its okay don't be sad i will make dua (Prayer ) for you dear sis love u alot 😙♥️

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1 year ago

Really it's a coincidence 😳 actually i sleep and can't feel that mobile is started to heatup i noticed it when i wokeup. And i bought it last February mean 3 months ago......

Love you too dear sister ❤️

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1 year ago

Living a whole day without using my mobile gadget can be so frustrating and I really hate that part of my life where I can't go a day without using my phone

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1 year ago

Yes now a days it's not easy

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1 year ago