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Megan sank into the bathtub, allowing her body welcome the warm and soothing water, she reached out for the bottle of wine which layed just below the tub, grabbing it up she didn't bother to refill the now empty glass, rather she brought the bottle to her lips and tipped her head backward, gulping the liquid down in a rush, she choked and coughed, brought the bottle down and began to laugh.

"Omar, I'm really sorry." Hiccup. "I'm really really sorry. But I needed this break, at least I thought that was what I needed....I miss you...."

Her heart ached badly, she had left Omar and it was killing her, she knew she shouldn't have, she knew he needed her but she saw no reason why she should continue staying there since she was just used to hold Omar down. Now that she was gone, she really hoped that he would find his strength and maybe come back for her, she hoped he didn't believe what she had said about her getting back together with Samir.

Samir. He had dropped her off right in front of her apartment and she had shut the door in his face, she was weak emotionally and knew she would be very vulnerable if he made advances, she didn't want to take chances, she didn't want him to think she was actually getting back together with him, she would never, even if things didn't work out between she and Omar, she would never get back together with Samir. He had chosen work over her before, what was the guarantee that he wouldn't do the same again. Or worse. He wasn't a womanizer, that much she knew but he attached sentimental value to work, business and religion, if he had to choose between her and these things of value to him, she was almost certain she would be kicked to the curb.

She turned her head and caught sight of her drunken self in the mirror, she looked pitiful, drained and weary, she began to cry, was it a crime now to fall in love? Twice now, she had been left shattered. She didn't want to fall in love anymore. She just didn't have the strength to do so anymore. She picked up the bottle and swallowed the last gulp then relaxed into the bathtub and allowed sleep take over her slowly, some how she felt Omar's arms around her, she knew it was an imagination but she smiled still and slept off.

Mariam walked through the garden absent mindedly, her mind went back to Omar, when he had grabbed her by the waist and held her still, kissing her hungrily, she had felt... strange, a strange feeling that had felt just so good and just so right so she had reached out for him too but then as quickly as he had kissed her, he pulled away suddenly. His words rang repeatedly and painfully in her head and it broke her.

"I will never love you."


Never love you.

No! She shook her head and folded her hands into fists, no. She staggered and fell back down to the ground, her eyes darted left and right as the tears built up, she grabbed a fistful of grass, she thought of Aadil, her dead lover and wept. She had betrayed their love by falling for another man whom she had clearly told at first that she would not be happy if they went through with the marriage, she had told him she didn't want this, she had fallen for a man who had told her that he loved another, didn't she also love another? But he was dead now and the living had to keep on living.

She wept at her own weakness, her swaying emotions and feelings, she wept at her vulnerability and her frail heart. She wasn't sure of her feelings right now and it annoyed her, she wanted to scream out her frustration but if she did, the guards would rush into the garden in minutes and if they saw her crying like this then her father would know about it and he would demand to know what would cause his daughter to cry so much, she didn't want Omar to be hurt because she couldn't keep her emotions in check. She wept softly and remained on the ground.

The evening was chilly and the breeze that blew in was cold to the skin but Omar didn't bother to get up to shut the windows, it was going to rain tonight he knew it, he could sense it in the weather. He got up and walked out of the room, down the halls, down the stairs and out the house. He had two days left until the wedding and honestly he didn't know what else to do. He breathed and shoved his hands deep into his pocket, continuing his walk, the rain came down now in light showers but that didn't stop him neither did he turn to walk back towards the house. He needed this calm, he needed this serenity, he needed this......he sighed.

He felt bad at the way he had spoken to Mariam but he had been angry, hurt and very emotional then, it frustrated him that he had no control over his life as a thirty four year old man! He couldn't protect the woman he loved, he couldn't assure her of his devotion to her and his marriage to Mariam felt more like a betrayal so somehow he understood why she would want to leave but with him?! It had to be Samir?! He really didn't want to believe that she would chose to get back together with him, he needed something to believe, something that would help him but then did he really have no other option than to marry the girl?

@Ozzyy @Hanzell emotions are flying...!!

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Written by   91
2 months ago
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Yesss they're flying and omg omar what are you doinnggg!!! Don't take your anger put on another woman! That's just horrible!

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1 month ago

Lol somehow I'm loving this love.... triangle?? No, love square 😂😂

But then looks like Samir won't be on the picture long enough

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1 month ago

Yup, Samir has accomplished his role in this unless of course, he would do whatever he can to make advances with meg and all but i doubt it since i don't think it's in his nature to

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1 month ago

Lol. Yes you're right😂

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1 month ago