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The 4G network will also be available on the moon

If I can't post two selfies on the moon, what's the use of going? If such a question arises in my mind, I would like to inform you that this time NASA is working to launch 4G network service on the moon as well.

According to a report in the US media CNN, NASA has formed an alliance with the Finnish telecommunications company Nokia under the project called 'The Tipping Point'. According to Nokia's research division, they will start with 4G or LTE technology and move towards 5G.

NASA wants to build a lunar base by 2028 for regular travel to the moon. More than a dozen organizations are being given 380 million to provide technical assistance in this work.

Innovative projects include remote power generation, robotics, safe landing and the 4G network. If there is no 4G, how can astronauts post pictures of food on Facebook at dinner?

At present, astronauts communicate through radio waves from space. NASA says the 4G may offer a more reliable communication solution than radio waves. And like the world, 4G will be upgraded to 5G at one stage.

Nokia's Bell Lab is getting 14.1 million to expand the Four-G network to the moon. They will work with US company Intuitive Machines.

Some people say that 4G will work better on the moon than on the earth. Because, there are no trees, buildings or TV waves as a barrier for 5G waves.

The cellular network will be specially designed to survive in the hostile environment of the lunar surface. Extreme temperatures, radioactivity and the airless atmosphere of space are being kept in mind. Intense vibrations are felt on the surface of the moon during rocket takeoff or landing. Researchers are also working to avoid that problem.

According to Bell Labs, the astronauts will use wireless networks primarily for information exchange, rover control for navigation on the moon, navigation, and live high-definition video broadcast to Earth.

To keep the 4G network active on the surface of the earth, huge equipment has to be connected with huge towers. However, Bell Labs is making them smaller in size. This will reduce the network expansion, but also consumes less electricity. The biggest thing is that it will be easy to take a rocket by tying a bundle. The same technology, however, is being used to expand the 5G worldwide.

Plato in search of intellectual life :

Suddenly one day in 2016. A friend's phone at night. The friend lives in America. The friend from the other end was quite excited about the conversation, Janice, what was the experience of a friend of John Wheeler from Athens? John Wheeler was a famous theoretical physicist and cosmologist. He has worked extensively on Einstein's general theory of relativity. He studied the basic principles of nuclear fission with the physicist Nils Bohr. He has also done a lot of research on black holes predicted in the early twentieth century. Researched by Quantum Foam, Wormhole. He is best known for the One Electron Universe project. However, the friend was describing the experience for Wheeler brought from Plato's Academy in Athens. He also gave a stone to Wheeler. Wheeler's friend also walked in the garden in front of the academy, through which Aristotle and Plato often walked and talked.

Later, whenever that friend came to him, he would see Howler thinking the same thing. Thought, there is no record of their discussion naturally in those stones in the garden of the academy of Athens. All the words of Plato and Aristotle are lost in the womb of time. Nature has no system for us? One day the friend asked, ‘Why are you always thinking so much about it?’ Wheeler said, ‘I can’t think, there’s nothing left of that talk in the academy garden. I think somehow they have audio of the conversation. Nature has saved nothing for the future, I can't imagine. Every time I look, I see Plato and Aristotle walking in the garden of Athens talking.

Listening to my friend's words on my telephone, the world seemed dizzy. What was actually talking between Plato and Aristotle? Was Socrates in their discussion? Did Socrates advance on justice by poisoning (Hemlock)? Did mankind gain any new insight in the 23rd century? I could hear the roar of the sea. I was feeling the current of 40,000 generations of mankind.

If you take a closer look at the Milky Way galaxy, you will hear the sound, you will see innumerable stars scattered and many potential planets orbiting around them, scientists say at least that. It is difficult to get instantaneous information about these distant planets or ‘exoplanets’. By analyzing their luminosity, it is possible to know about the elements of the planet. The European Space Agency has planned a new mission to take these distant planets one step further. In this campaign, strong initiatives are being taken to open new horizons about the solar system. The spacecraft Plato is heading into space with about 34 telescopes and cameras. Plato will unravel the deepest mysteries of the universe for six years. About 600 million euros has been allocated for this campaign. The German aerospace center 'DLR' will be in charge of the mission. Not only will Plato collect information about planets like Earth, but Plato will also compare the formation of other galaxies with our solar system. However, there are still eight years of preparation left for the campaign to start.

Plato is an acronym for Planetary Transit and Oscillation of Stars. Using a swarm of photometers, Plato will be able to detect the movements of the planets, the red dwarfs like the sun, the yellow dwarfs, and the rocky extraterrestrial planets that exist in all sizes of water around the subgiant star. The second purpose is to study stellar frequency, stellar mass, and evolution. The name Plato is not only an acronym for the project, but also the name of the classical Greek philosopher Plato (427-346) I mentioned earlier. Whose teacher was Socrates the Great and whose student was Aristotle. Founded the Academy (Academy); Which was a path leading to free thought, an institution. Have the institutions moved away from that thought, just to replace the certificate bikini? If not, why so much intolerance, why so much narrowness? Why can't one thought tolerate another?

Plato lived the life of Pythagoras and Socrates. Finding the physical laws of the planet's orbit. He was looking for unity and discipline in the world to satisfy the heart of the philosopher. He said that no one ignorant about mathematics should enter through the doors of his academy.

The Plato Observatory will begin its journey into space in 2024 and will search for planets from space. Not just planets like Earth. Plato will search the planets orbiting around 1 million stars. Will explain the formation of planets and the origin of life. The mission is in long preparation to accomplish the objectives.

Plato will observe from L2 Lagrangian point, about 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. The advantage of this position away from the sun, earth and moon is that from there you can keep a close eye on the space throughout the year. Plato will have 34 small telescopes and cameras. Their main task will be to observe planets like Earth more closely. The first such planet was discovered in 1995. So far, about 3,600 extraterrestrial planets have been discovered. Meanwhile, in February, 40 light-years away, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope announced the search for seven Earth-shaped planets around a star. Three of these are located in the living circle. These are emphasizing the cosmic reality of life.

In fact, if a planet like Earth is found, then something like Earth will be found. The name Plato will also be of greater importance in revealing the nature of the movement of their philosophical ideas.

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Well science and technology came farther than we think,and it really an advantage as todays living.

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