My First Trade/Convert,

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I really Want To know how to trade so Now ,I decided To try I start Trade 500php ,I supposed to Buy A Token.One of my Friend in helped me How to trade/convert step by step.


BNB bep20 step by step

First You Need convert COINSPH PHP to XRP


Coinsph XRP TO binance XRP

👉Open binance apps

👉 Click wallet then spot choose XRP.

👉Copy Paste your XRP address and The Destination tag .Dont forget To Copy Your destination tag Its Really Important.

👉Open coinsph put the XRP address and destination tag That You copypaste in your binance Wallet..Always Remember do not Check the Small Box tHat says receivers do not Have Destination tag.If you accidentally check that Box Your Funds Sending Will Be lost.(then wait to successfull transaction).

Dont check the Small box
Successfully send to Binance wallet


How to convert XRP to BNB?


👉Open binance apps

👉 Click wallet then spot

👉 Click convert small assets to BNB

👉 Click Xrp

then convert it and confirm.

Click to convert XRp to Bnb


👉Open safepal or trust

👉 Copypaste your bnb address

👉Then Back to binance apps

👉 Click wallet

-->Click spot

-->click BNB

- ->withdraw

--> paste address BNB/(bep20 )

-- >choose bep20 (bsc)

- ->max your BNB

-->click withdraw

Then You need To Send Code In your Email address registered in Your Binance Wallet And your PhoNe number.Then Submit ,Wait your FunDs In your Trustwallet only A Few Minutes.

Yay successfully Transferred to Trust wallet

of course at First I doubt I might be wrong.but I really tried to try.because I don't know how will I know if you don't tryalready know how to go round and round so next time I know how to do it.I was happy after I moved.

After I Recieved The Funf In My Trust wallet account I try To Buy a Token .

1st token

This is The First token i Buy Looks Interesting heeheheh Just to buy this Only 100pesos Because i dont have enough funds to buy😅.

2nd Token

Second Is the Dailys token more Interesting About this Token only 127php😁all of my friends HOLD this token I dont know why??😅

3rd token

Third token Is The PHNIX .I buy this token at the amount of 107php Only as I said I donT have enough funds Hehehehe.I really want To HOLD this Tokens.

Why i want To HOLD token??

I want to HOLD token because i like to know what the feeling be success i had of my friend invited me to do this because he already try and he doesnt fail because he brought what are he waiting.More token To Buy ❤❤

Thank you For Reading!!!!!!!!

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