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Awareness towards Malnutrition and Improper diet

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3 months ago

June 23,2021

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Raising of awareness on malnutrition is essential as it will be able to provide information on its effects on one’s wellness, not only for young children but including the parents, with their understanding on malnutrition for them to apply it to real life. More importantly, the community program will help issues regarding improper food intake and raise the importance of specific food to eat that will help them with their diet to be healthy. With this, the community will have a much healthier citizen and also, with our program. Yes, our organization is aware that a huge percentage of the problem regarding malnutrition exists because of poverty. This is why we started this program so our organization would inspire other people to do community programs with malnutrition. The ethical beliefs of people will change and with people working together we would be able to help and feed those who are in need and are suffering from poverty together. It will be so beneficial since people are now working hand in hand to fight malnutrition. Lastly, parents of the children would now know the consequences of malnutrition will affect not only their lives but also their children.


I. Cognitive: Raise awareness towards malnutrition.

II. Affective: Importance of awareness regarding malnutrition.

III. Psychomotor: Applying the Information learned regarding malnutrition.

Malnutrition affects billions of people worldwide. And a lot of populations are in high risk of developing certain types of malnutrition because on of their environment, lifestyle and resources.

What Is malnutrition?

- Malnutrition means to not having a right and proper nutrition. Getting too little or too much of certain nutrients.

It can lead to health issues such us

- Eye problems

- Diabetes

- Heart disease

- Not normal growth

Types of malnutrition include


- results from not getting enough protein, calories or micronutrients. It leads to a not normal growth of the person's weight to their height and to thei age.


- Overconsumption of certain nutrients, such as protein, calories or fat, can also lead to malnutrition. This usually results in overweight or obesity.

- Over nutrients and Undernourished people often have deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, especially iron, zinc, vitamin A and iodine.

That's because foods that contribute to overnutrition, such as fried and sugary foods, tend to be high in calories and fat but low in other nutrients.

What causes malnutrition?

- Lack of access to healthy food

- Absence of micronutrients in food

such as calcium, zinc, potassium etc.

- Lack of water and sanitation


- Loss of nutrition due to infections

- Lack of awareness

Signs and Symptoms of malnutrition.


- Weight loss

- A swollen stomach

- Fatigue

- Difficulty concentrating

- Depression and anxiety

What can we do to improve nutrition?

- Be started one at a time.

- Not be too peppery, salty or sugary.

-Be prepared hygienically. Animal milks -Should be boiled.

-Be soft and easy to eat.

People who are undernourished may experience weight loss, fatigue and moodchanges or develop vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Overnutrition can lead to overweight, obesity and inadequate micronutrient intakes and deficiencies.

Both types can lead to health issues if not addressed.

"If you believe that you or someone you know may be malnourished, especially undernourished, talk to a doctor as soon as possible".

Closing thoughts

Why is nutrition important?

It is important because there will be many who are going to be affected by it. Especially knowing that our country, the Philippines, is a developing country where there is a huge gap between the rich and poor. People who are poor are more likely to be affected by different forms of malnutrition. Also, malnutrition increases health care costs, reduces productivity, and slows economic growth, which can perpetuate a cycle of poverty and ill-health. With this, it will give us more problems especially for the future and betterment not only for the country but also for its people.


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Written by   136
3 months ago
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Proper nutrition n healthy diet lng po kylngn po ntin pra po ndi po kulang sa timbang o overweight po o pra po ndi po malnourished

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3 months ago

Yess po. Isa po yang problema dto sa Pilipinas na kailangan natin ipractice. We should know and practice proper nutrition po.

Kaya po one of my goal why sinulat ko po tung article is to raise an awareness to the people po , especially to childrens. Kasi po ang alam ko talaga is that kaya po marami ang ganitong problema sa pilipinas dahil po sa kulang at kawalan ng awareness ng mga tao po tungkol dto .

Soo I am really hopeful na sana kung sino man ang mga makabasa nito . Ako po ay makapagbigay ng kunting kaalaman against malnutrition po.

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3 months ago

Opo, tulad q nlng po, ndi na po gnung mkakapg-exercise dhil ala na pong work n hlos kain n tulog nlng po mdalas gwin po d2, lol, opo, nkakatulong po tlga ung article nyo po

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3 months ago

Thank you po. That's actualky my goal hehehe.

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3 months ago

Welcome n mbuti po un kng gnun, lol

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3 months ago

This is actually our last lesson in National Service Training Program. And I found it very helpful to share you guys. Why?

I been observing people around me, and there are a lot of people who are suffering malnutrition. I even have a friends who are in it.

I remember when I was in elementary grade. I really like the program that time in school. Binibigyan po kami ng lugaw everyday and other food that is nutritious. And meron pa pong physical activities para sa mga studyante. But now hindi ko na nakikita ang ganon program and I don't know what happen. But for me that was very help for all the student lalo na po sa mga public school sa probinsya.

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3 months ago