The World stands on illusions

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When I was in grade 6 there I was introduced to the structure of an atom, with the nucleus at the center and electrons revolving around it. We were taught as an atom is the fundamental element of matter. They combine to form matter. And an atom is an indivisible one. Later, completing a Master's degree in physic when I see that structure again some negative charge rotating around the nucleus and we called it out as an atom, I feel like, I am seeing some kind of a joke. Because I know that if we go in deeper we get into, nucleons which are protons and neutrons. Again further deeper, we find nucleons are made of leptons, mason's, quarks, and finally all these are made up of strings. Now, what is a string? It is vibrational energy. Finally, we made our journey to the emptiness.

And what about electrons? In our whole course, we try to find the maximum possibility of finding an electron. And out to ends on some energy with mass rotating around the nucleus.

Here, when we dig deeper and deeper matters are made of some vibrational waves. Isn't it amazing that this vibrational energy concentrates to one point to form a matter with shape, size, and volume and we see?

All the matters are seen as it is now. But deeper inside it is made of vibrating strings which doesn't have any shape and size they are just the wave with energies.


In addition to the above, let us look at the bulk matter that is found in our time, and it is a star.

The sun provides us heat and light which makes the possibility of life on the earth. But as we saw the sun, in actual it is a gas ball burning from the time of its formation. Fusion posses are going on inside the sun. It is amazing fact that the photon which is trap inside the center of the sun takes 10000000 years to come to the surface of the sun. The sun has its shape and size because of the balance that us existing between the gravitational field and the pressure exerted by the materials present beneath the surface. The sun is a ball of gas.

Isn't this an illusion where the gas ball gains its shape and becomes the source of heat and energy of our world?

And the elements that are found inside the sun are helium and hydrogen which again are formed from atoms. Everything is made up of emptiness but they bear some shape and size. With shape and size, they are linked with certain characteristics and functions. Isn't THIS A ILLUSION? The moon, the planets seem to be twinkling in the sky as stars but they reflect the light from the sun and we see them glittering.

Now, lets us see with the earth. Here, day and night control our life that whole day we work and at night we rest. But if we see the reality behind the day and night, The day and night is the illusion that is created by the rotation of the earth. And sessions are produced by the revolution of the earth around the sun which creates a certain impact on the earth and we take them as seasons. With day and night which is an illusion itself, we invented directions. If parents are themselves an illusion, their product is also an illusion.

If we go in chaining with this sequence we will get to conclusions that everything is standing upon the illusions.

Up to now, we tried to see everything that exists here are made up of vibration and when this vibration is concentrated to a certain point, we get a matter. This is also an illusion.

If we see our life, our life is based upon the principle positions. And our principal positions stand on the religion, culture, customs and norms, and values that are prevailing in our society.

Our world or life has one attribute that always amazed me is that we can define the world in our way. I can define flowers as sharp thrones and also thrones to some awesome flowers. And whatever the way we choose is always correct to the equations. This is why in this world if everyone is left alone to act no one will be wrong. And right and wrong is another illusion that we are stick to. If more people accept it, it becomes good or right and if rejects it's wrong.

This is what makes us live in illusion.

If I call red as green and green as red, the world won't drop me saying I am wrong but it accepts me. I can live myself as being joker or take a strong will to change the faith of mankind and become a great scientist. I can live any way I wish. And every time I am right.

Every solution is fitted to the curve of life, this makes them take life in the way we want. This is why some people we will find saying," IN THIS WORLD WE WILL ONLY SEE WHAT WE WANT TO SEE". But I would like to say, "THE WORLD IS THE PROJECTION OF THE MIND, WE SEE AS THE MIND PROJECTS"


It is the clever mind that gets benefits. Our mind is so clever that it manipulates our senses in that way as it wants and makes us live as it wants. And when we deeply observe our life, we find that we are not living, it seems we are but in reality the mind is.

The mind is so clever that it makes us feel as we are not the separate one but the mind itself.

This is the greatest illusion that needs to be broken.

Thank you, for your time....

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Topics: Illusion