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The Fruit of knowledge

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6 months ago

Everyone knows about the story of Adam and Eve, the serpent, and the fruit. When I was given a first time the holy bible to read by one of my neighbor uncles with enthusiasm I started, but when I completed The Fall, I half there could not move beyond it. To be honest I have a Bible on my table but never went beyond, The fall.

Today I choose to write on it, I want to share what I understood from the story. What I write is purely depends upon the understanding of myself and I am accountable for it. Also, it is not a borrowed idea. It is mine. You can agree with me or disagree with me, it is your will.

The Fall

God created everything: Eden garden, animals, Adam and his wife, all kinds of trees, and the tree with the fruit of knowledge. The serpent tricks Adam and Eve and makes them eat the fruit which was forbidden. As soon as they are it, God punished them and they were sent to the earth, where they have to make their living and die one day.

If someone wants to debate with me on this topic about eating the fruit, for this I can blame everything there. I even can blame God for this and even can present the points, " it was the God who made them eat fruits". How? Think in this way, when we asked our children not to do that? But soon they will be doing that. That is normal it is the psychology of we humans to do what is prohibited. Didn't God unaware of it? He should have known the psychology of Humans. But he chooses to do so. He is the one.

Adam and eve, obviously it was their fault too. And the serpent evil one, it is born for it. So, if we observe in a subtle understanding, we find that everyone has their es. No one can be blamed solely. Therefore, if it is the question of blaming all have to be blamed if not only to Adam and Eve, would be an injustice.

This makes us conclude that" Whatever happens here, everyone is responsible for it. If we find someone out of it, no one is the culprit here". Further deeper, if I am a sinner here everyone is, iPhone is. We humans are so connected that we can't stand aloof from the crowd". When Strom comes, my house alone won't be left unaffected.

There is no one to blame in this world we all have an equal al share of whatever is going on whole existence because we are the parts of existence and existence is a system, if one of the parts gets affected in a system it creates turbulence in the whole system. This is the reason why we can't blame one entity for the failure we all must be blamed. Also, one part of the system becomes dysfunctional because of the others not only by its flaws.

Indication of The Fall

Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve are left to look after it with all the animals and trees, flowers.

This reflects the times of our childhood where we live in freedom. We are protected and watched by our parents. We enjoy on our own, unknown about the norms and values of the world. Adam and Eve in Eden mean the childhood period.

Now there comes, the fruit of knowledge after eating we are thrown back to the earth to suffer because of disobeying the words of God.

This means that after our childhood we slowly develop into an adult one. In the process of developing, we start to be aware of the norms and values of society, rules, and regulations this is what is meant by the fruit of knowledge. To be aware of is what the knowledge of fruit stands for. When we are aware, means we have eaten the fruit of knowledge, and we are thrown to the earth means now we stand to protect the norms and values of society. We suffer.

Therefore, eating the fruit of knowledge and pushed to live is a normal process and everyone has to eat the fruit. And everyone is thrown into the world.

Thus in my view, The Fall indicates the child becoming an adult and it ends here.

If I am not wrong, the story only contains the half part and the other parts must be returning. This is only my guess. After when the knowledge goes on dropping that humans had gained from the fruit, they have to return to Eden again.

Honestly speaking, when I read the story, " this story is from genesis I felt that now the child will return to Eden to garden again at the end of the holy bible. And I guessed myself the bible now speaks how to return? This is why I haven't gone through it. I don't know what is there besides this information.

The Message

The message for all is simple knowledge brings suffering. No doubt. But people are using it to make everyone shareholders of sin as we are the child born from the Adam clan. I disagree with this point that we are born sinner if we observe our life everything that comes with values are not the values imposed by nature but that is attached by the society. And when it comes to society, it is linked to our positions which at the end ends with our mind.

He'll and heaven, dharma, and sin all lie in our brain where there is the remnant of some juice of the fruit of knowledge.

The Holy Bible is clear in the point that one must neutralize the effect of the fruit of knowledge.

Thank you, for your time, I am from a non-Christian family. May I haven't know Christianity to a deeper level? If I hurt your feeling please forgive me. This is what I understood? And it is My personal view.

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Written by   154
6 months ago
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Greetings! Although the story occurs in a spiritual context, since in matter we are originating from a process of evolution; is this story a synthesis of where man should take his civilization as a race. You have really explained it well. We are children that with the knowledge we take our life to the point of having to work to live but the logical thing is that we return to that state. Yes, the Bible makes it concrete at the end with the restoration of the kingdom after the Apocalypse; it is in the book of John. I love your questions, so congratulations!

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6 months ago

Thank you, for your time and appreciation.

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6 months ago

The fruit of knowledge is sweet, and it is something that could make us happy. 💛❤️

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6 months ago

No doubt. It is the fruit that makes life valuable.

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6 months ago