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Searching Rationality in and

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2 months ago
Topics: Rationality

The long journey of ten months on and eight months on noise. cash makes me represent myself as the old user on both platforms. While being on this long journey, I collect a lot of experiences, made many friends from around the globe and someday used to end being emotionally broken. I never thought to quit both platforms whatever was the situation because I am here to learn to write, I want to develop my writing skills, I want to transcend myself and it was a great opportunity. To be honest I never took it as earning site. Every day and every time I used to take both platforms as an opportunity to empower myself.

After, this long I am here whose academic field is from science where grammar and structure were not given importance, and coming to this day, now I know them well and I need to practice myself for some years and also playing with words are very tough. It is not that I don't have knowledge of advanced words I have but they are not being used I have to work on them. Well, the process is going on. The progress is being tagged with an official mark and some lacks must be filled. This is bout me, let's stop to talk myself, and we focus on the topic.

(I have interacted with many users and from their grievances and also with my experiences, I have tried to list some)

Let's not talk with the blames that have been solved with time


Many people on the internet criticize the social network that they protect the spammers. Whether it advertises posts, or some unwanted or unrelated comments, not relevant ones people are found doing spamming. And also, posting the same post everywhere, posting things without any rationality, without any cohesion in post and comments are most common in social networks. And yeah! and could not remain intact from them.

Some users do copy-paste from news portal, Wikipedia, form somewhere else and earns. And the system doesn't recognize them, their posts make others follow the same track. There are users of this kind on both platforms.

Tips hunters

On both platforms, the users are more focused on the collection of tips, tip hunters. Honestly, speaking, eliminations efforts were done to both tip hunters and spammers and the truth is that nothing can be eradicated 100%. There are still some.

sometimes I question myself," I am a learner here learning day by day, but I find some users here who post daily basis on and hourly on, and look I stand here who need around 5-10 minutes to make one-line sentences, Do the users have that much talent that they keep on posting? But the answer comes out is tip hunters.

The most ridiculous fact about these hunters is that if someday they don't get tips, they start to post about blah, blah, blah.

I know one user, she didn't get a tip one day in she posted so bad things about how youtube and others platforms are important to her. She didn't post I think around a Month and she realized that it was normal that someday we don't get tips.

Now she is back.

Jackpot users

Some users always have an intervention to be visited by some big slippers. So, it is true that without any knowledge they try to make a similar post where they are attracted to it. Recently there is a surge in the number of such posts.

People act in Group

There are some groups of people on both platforms, they exchange visits with themselves. You visit me I will visit you, you tip me and I will tip you.

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It is not only the problems here, everywhere they do.

Recently, I can see in people do Renoise. (I have been rising my voice against them from the start doing so, will discriminate the new users)

Full of Shit post

Always from the beginning days, if we check Reddit posts, both platforms are claimed to be protecting the shit posts.

And if we see the posts more than 60-70%, they are all full of unrelated paragraphs, cohesion is out of the question? , and pictures they use is just to get attracted.

Someone makes a post of the one subject, but wait which one subject there will be a shift in focus in each paragraph.

And they earn from this post, and what does it reflect? It gives others to message that no need to follow the rules of writing, just do posts, my brother's sisters and followers will visit and give me hearts and tips. And this is what has been going on?

This is the reason why and is criticised as a promoter of shit posts.

Well, there are others, too like fake transaction numbers greater rather than showing the actual cases, (and I think this has been somehow solved by some months backs updates in easy money to Filipino users, only tips to BCH posts and so on.

Responsibilities of Users

Though both platforms are some new starts and can be taken as a new baby practising to work. The baby has to make a long journey and I believe they will be solving this with updates. I have nothing to say to developers but I have some words for users.

Since we are all attached to both platforms we must care for each other. Some day I may go wrong way someone must jumping to make me realise that I am on the wrong way and I should also try to put my words what wrong is going on?

So I feel, first of all,

1. One must be aware of who am I? And why I am here?

Aristotle quotes," start your journey of finding yourself, knowing yourself that is the way of happiness, happiness does not lie outside, it lies inside.

This is a way of being satisfied.

You should always have the answer to why you are using platforms, it must be related to yourself.

And please, I strongly request you to stop taking the noise and read as earning sites. It's your mentality that is what we criticize.

2. Preserve Rationality

Always try to act rationally. If you are topping or exchanging tips or visiting one another ask yourself, " is this post-worthy to give heart and tip?' What makes it worthy. Don't make your moves with reasons that he visited me.

There are short posts yourself, saying that if I didn't visit your post, I am sorry, I will find free time to visit you.

To be honest, I have made such post in past but that's not good to behave in such way.

Rationality is the most important not only while visiting but also while making posts and comments.

3. Follow rules and regulation

When we talk about rules always we must understand as there are always two types of rules:

  1. Codified

  2. Customery

Codified are found in the rule tab. And Customary rules of code of conduct on online social networks. Also, there are some practised rules and regulations of writings like SOP, they must also be followed.

4. Create a friendly ecosystem

We all users from both the community are as a family, we must try to be friendly with everyone. We must hold one another hand with the warm love of brotherhood.

We must act, react, comment and post moderately not being aggressive and too much with negative thoughts. We should not provoke users with our posts, always we must try be preserve our morals.

We must be pluralistic believing, respecting, tolerating others thoughts, views, prospects,

5. Always ask do I deserve what I am getting?

Suppose you have posted some posts and got some tips then one must ask self, am I worthy to get tips? Get hearts?

If you find it is blessing rather than deserving, now it is your responsibility to transcend yourself to be deserving. One must light an effort.

Being a user of any platform some responsibilities comes and gets attached to us and those responsibilities that everyone should follow to make noise and read community to grow into a rational one where ethics and morals are well preserved.

To date, developers are trying to improve the platforms less criticised by people and eradicating the flaws and issues with the timely update but I found that we users have tried zero effort in helping the communicating for its name and fame.

So, I intend to list some of the responsibilities that users must follow (if followed I will be great) to build a great ecosystem.

In the era of capitalism, only after earning, profit and money, it is very challenging for the developers to maintain a clean environment so, I request all of the users on this both platforms through this post to put the effort from outside. We must stand all withholding one another preserving rationality.

Thank you for your visit.

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Avatar for Lawa1988
Written by   155
2 months ago
Topics: Rationality
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Good read. This is really helpful for newbies like me on both platforms. I've just started posting on Noisecash to introduce myself. I guess it's absurd to just post anything instantly without people knowing you first. And of course, to be acquainted first with the rules you have to read more.

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2 months ago


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2 months ago

Both Noisecash and readcash are not the earning platforms, its our sick mentality that we thought these platforms are best job for us. Once my Noisecash account gone to the spam its realized me that if i totally dependent on both the platforms for earning then its destroy my Future, we used these platforms as a hobby not a job then we learnt a lot from them

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2 months ago

Yeah my true friend we must keep on learning things, and I believe in a world of writing both platforms are beat things to get started with

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2 months ago

Do you know what happens when they write for money? They become out of topic and then they become the most useless one. Because they write whatever they want which is not useful at all. They lose their reputation, followers, and start to lose their confidence in themselves. Learn and share knowledge.

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2 months ago

And at last, they end in spamming negativity everywhere. I have seen many of them with that story.

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2 months ago

Sad reality. I did not found any solution about this case from last 2 years.

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2 months ago

Rationality is the solution, but it's sad to say rationality only exist in concepts in our imagination.

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2 months ago


Rationality? Who will listen this? None. Because first people will look for money then rationality.

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2 months ago

That's a sad reality, my friend. It's the world of money

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2 months ago


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2 months ago