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Meditation Leds to Illusion

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11 months ago

Before the times of Lord Buddha meditation was widespread. Only the few people around the world used to do meditation. Mahavira who was a few years older than Buddha too left his house. And his way was to stare far objects. He used to stand at a place for hours and hours silent. The most amazing fact about him was he gave away everything . He even donated his clothes and was naked. Mahavira was enlightened just standing. He never did any meditation.

Before Buddha there were many Masters around the world and they were enlightened with being recognized. Meditation gain it's value more than enough after the Buddha enlightenment.


When Lord Buddha left his palace, at first he was in group searching for truth. There were around 7 in a group. They used to go for one place to another. Used to read bulk books, talk about philosophy, used to met Gurus. After six years Buddha thought this is not the way so he left out alone and started journey alone.

Now he started to do meditation. He started with seeing the breath, coming in and going out and the gap between incoming and outgoing. He did it for 5 years . Total he spent 11 years. Nothing was happening .....

This is the point we must understand that , at the times of Buddha the environment was free from pollution . And every thing was primitive and was natural. At such scenario, he was there without a result for 11 years.

And we people on 21st century get benefit within 10-12 days. What is happening we need deep analysis on those who claims that there is change happening within them?

When we talk about meditation we need to talk about Ramkrishna?

Ramkrishna is the guru of well known Swami Vivekananda, is the mere reason to claim that no any practice can led you. Ramkrishna is only one who ever lived and showed world by practicing all the religions. He took every religion teachings to extremities in search of truth. But every religion failed to give him the fruit of truth.

One interesting fact lies in his life that when he was practicing the religion known as "SAKHIS" which takes only God as male and all other as female in this existence. He deepened the thought ,"I AM WOMEN". This went so strong deep that after 3 months his chest was developed as the women and his voice was changed to women. This changed went further that after six months he experienced mensuration.

Practicing something means no doubt we are making things to happen. We may experience the changes but that is what we made to happen.

We know that by meditation we can calm down the meandering mind. And we practice mediation. Isn't it we prepared everything and things happened?.

Now let's see what Bible says


If this is true then just realized it, mediation fall in the latter part of sentence that knock, the door shall be opened for you. Practicing meditation means knocking everyone can agree on this but at the other part the door shall be opened, the door must be opened by itself. It must happen. But what we are doing? we are opening the door with our effort and not only to this we also know that what must enter from that door.

See, Everything must happen here , but we are making it happen. And what will happen is also under our control.

When we understand meditation with future time reference i.e. result oriented deeds then we are making them to happen in our presume result.

With the help of meditation Hindu people can talk with God and the laughing point is that they will only talk with gods that are described in theirs holy scripts. Jesus don't appears on their meditation.

This is Illusion.

Meditation is way to illusion.

Way out

After 11 years , Lord Buddha was there bare hands. He had checked to every corner to find the truth. Now, no way was left to check in. He sat down leaning to tree with the silent mind there was no more path left to go for search. The mind too was confused it was meandering between what to do ? What to not do?, Where to go?, Where to seek? , At that moment, the mind felt tired. And he was asleep.

At the morning, when he opened his eyes his mind was silent and up in the sky he can see one bright star, shining. That star is know as the ," The last shining star". Slowly , slowly the star began to disappear he was there looking just lying without any moment. When the sun was out in horizon the star disappeared completely.

There was no star , just there remain Buddha. At that moment he was enlightened. At such position there is scripts that says he remained for seven days with bliss. The searched for him was over. Now there was no where to go ? Nothing to seek? No thing to speak ? He just laid there.

Though this world is illusion itself. We can't never be out of it. If we believeed that we came out of illusion we would be drown into another illusion. There is no way out of illusion.

But we can break this illusionary world. How? The only way out is the recognition. How? that's your journey....... You must walk your self.

Meditation is only way to illusion but if you change the understanding of meditation. Then, it will be the way . Meditation must be the present oriented.

Thank you

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Written by   155
11 months ago
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This is what I'm going through right now ..... You read about it in some of my posts .... I get fed up by these illusions so much I want to be the upgrade of Hitler.... Biochemical weapon in these illusions asses..... All pun intended...

I find a chill within me when I think of her......

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11 months ago

Thank you for this great article. It is important to consider whether you feel calm while meditating or you are still haunted by stress and worries. You will gradually get rid of that feeling of discomfort and tension as you begin to direct your thoughts positively and find ways to find a solution to every problem and concern. The goal of meditation is not complete exclusion but relaxation and the development of a positive feeling that will eventually lead you to mind control one day.

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11 months ago

Again you are mistaken meditation. As from my first days in my posts many times I have been saying, meditation is present oriented. It is not attached with future. When we see meditation with the result this will happen in this way after doing meditation then our mind takes the path that we believe to happen. We get into illusion. My dear.

If you do any thing, whether you sleep, sing , dance without think of future without being result oriented then that is the meditation.

Letting things to happen is meditation. Meditation is living in present.

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11 months ago

Thanks for explaining. I need to study meditation better.

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11 months ago

I find this interesting that bible says : "ask and it will be answered. "This Goes hand in had with belief of Akashic records .

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11 months ago

Meditation means a lot to me.When I meditate,I am in my own world,where everything is divine.So I recommended everyone in world to meditate,you will feel much better and healthier.

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11 months ago

My only intention is make everyone understand what mediation means in reality. If it is taken as how the world is seeing it now, it will impact in opposite direction.

The only point is drop down the result see what happens. Feel everything in the present...

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11 months ago