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LIFE: is not our choice

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3 months ago
Topics: Life

Why are you born? To answer this person start to compare themselves with successful people and present them as they are born to be one of them, in most of the cases. This fact amazes me because when I see myself, I find that I wasn't free to born, I wasn't given an option to choose at which time? In which family do you want to born? I was born here. I know only the one reason why I am born here that is, the unification of my father and mother. And I can assure myself they too didn't think about me.

I am born here, no one knows why? And we only know if we are born.

Okay, I am born now who desires was let's not question it but let's see what happened after I was born?. When I was born, the moon too came out of the horizon at the same time what a coincidence, my grandfather gave me my name as Chandra, which means moon in the Nepali language. Yuck! Again I was given a name that was not the choice. My name is Chandra Limbu and being Limbu again was forcefully added behind my name.

This identity that I got as Chandra Limbu was the chain that started to bound me with society. With that name, some extra values were added as indigenous, Kirat religion, Mongolia lineage, Gurkha tribe. This identification wasn't my choice but was entangled with me in such a way that I have to carry the burden with it.

"The temple builds to give man freedom and no one was awarded that the temple of the roof will make constraints to the newly formed one with the old customer religion that has been awaked with an old concept. The history is the witness which can say that whenever there was a wave of change raised over all the globe the first institute to come and stand against the change is the temples, i.e religious institutions.

The best example 
I can give you is that,
If I am born in a Christain family
My culture puts constraints 
To believe that another God exists
Besides the gods mentioned in Bible.

We are forced to believe in God, and follow customs, rituals according to the religion that we are associated with. Did I choose that religion to follow? No!, It got attached with my name.

See the name which gave me identification and made me be known in this world, in reality, was the chain of things that I have to carry in my whole life journey from the womb to tomb. And that wasn't my choice? It was forced.

To many people around me, I asked them:

Me: Do you believe in God?

They: Yes, I believe in God.

Me: what makes you believe in God?

They: Bible says...., beads quotes..., Kuran proverb.....

What kind of society we have been living in, we believe in God because it is written in scripts. And which scripts? Scripts that are associated with their religion. And religion is what associated with their name. And the name, which has been made them to attached with, not the choice of them. This is the life of the reality of humans.

Humans feel they are free, to make choices, and when we contemplate their choices, their choices differ from their values. And from where that they get values, from the society, which society? Their society is attached to our name.

Suppose a man born in south Asia sets it to value to go to the USA Because everyone is doing so. And this all set up are attached to the birth. And the birth is not his choice. (Know that a person born in the USA doesn't make a plan to go to the USA he is already there, this values matters with our birth)

Seeing this all, sometimes I question myself as :

"Birth is not in my hand, that wasn't my choice, I git born. Death is also not in my hand because the future is uncertain. And the values that I hold are all associated with my birth. These three, life, death and values (positions) all encompasses in one pot we called life. And whatever I do in life is not my choice? It only seems. Then, what the hell I am doing in here?"

This question remains unanswered Ll the time.

Thank you, for your time.


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Written by   154
3 months ago
Topics: Life
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