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Life is a joke, joker here I am

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2 months ago
Topics: Joker, Life, Joke

Let us begin,

When we see the reasons behind the beginning of life, we need to begin with the big bang theory which has been accepted widely in the world. There are some exceptional cases but moreover, most points are agreeable. Big bang theory could explain how everything started however, it fails to explain from where did that explosive mass appear? And let's not talk to that mass we too.

After the big bang, everything went on becoming cool. Every time started. As we trace back the formations of planets, we are no other than tiny dust particles. Stars are formed from the accumulation of dust particles. Everything is the consequence of the high pressure inside the core that raises the temperature and there starts burning. This goes for year's and years at last the new universe or sun is born with the start of new history in the timeline of existence.

As I know this fact, everything started from the dust particles and whole life we have been chanting the mantra of God, heavens, hell. If I search, God, heavens, hell, I don't find any trace even a small scratch of it. And we looked at the data of religious people they are 99.99% of the total population.

How is going on with humans?

This is why I feel the world is no other than a joke. And I am a joker with the jokes to say to this world and make everyone laugh.

How could people just believe that there exist some Gods who control everything? And I reply to those with, "Your God is no other than dust particles"

No doubt, I don't raise a question to this fact that everything started from the dust particles, but when I see the attributes of humans, I doubt the fact that everything started with dust particles How it is possible that lord buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammad, be the by-product of dust particles? I can't believe it. Hitler, Karl Marx, Sterline, I doubt the fact?. Sometimes, it makes me believe there must be some unexplored world.

When I contemplate on the happenings of the world, I see everything being bounded by the chain of interdependence. Everything being distinct they seem to be functioning independently but things become amazing when we realize that everything acts based on natural law. Everything is in a system. If one of the entity malfunctions it affects the whole system.

People don't recognize this fact, they believe that if I am done it's okay. But we all are related to each other. If I get affected then my whole existence will too suffer with me even those a far far away star will be affected. But, we are humans superior to all other living creatures who will bother about others? Here.

When you deceive others, when you steal, do fraud, some kinds of harm physically and mentally, whole existence has to lay the price. People think that once they gain something it's over but they fail to realize that now it started.

If my deeds are only paid by me, here I questions," Suppose by mistakenly if a parliament passes a law misplacing comma sign, Can they retype with correction? No, the law will be enforced as it. And it won't be corrected till the certification of the amendment process. The whole system is affected. This too happens with the actions of a single man with mankind. If a person does a mistake the whole system had to lay the compensation.

I would like to present another example. Maldives country of the island, main income is tourism. They didn't even contribute to carbon production but they are mostly affected by climate change. See, one does whole will suffer.

And we humans who care about others? This is an open secret, but who cares?

This makes me a joker who sees all and whom to blame, I am too the part of this world. This is why I take life as a joke and me as a joker.


In life we need money but money is not life. Money can fulfill one's desires but remember that "NOW, YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY BUT YOU ARE LEFT WITH DESIRES. IN FUTURE, DON'T THINK THAT YOU WILL EARN AND WILL FULFILL YOUR DESIRES".

Desires, wantings, positions, everything changes with time. Now, you may have something like earning more and more. Some may have to build a house, some with expensive bikes, some with this, and some with that. But they all indicate the situation of your mind. It's normal to desire for the fulfillment of our basic needs but life doesn't need your expensive bike, luxurious goods, 10-15 flats, ornaments, expensive dresses, they are nothing to do with life. Life can go on and on without them.

But how we take a life?

We take life as a competition. We need the best results. We don't want to be counted as useless ones, we want ourselves to be standing on the top chart in earnings among our friends.

This is why life keeps on waiting. And we who are blessed with life keep ignoring the life. And we never stop to overrate ourselves in the list of our friends. If we are successful, it isn't a problem but if not, we start to take ourselves from the struggling side.

Coming to he age of 30 , we completely make our life as a joke. Did life will force you to, get married but it's our decision to get married. Once things starts to get worst then, every one will know that how miserable person we are.

Isn't it a home, we create problems self and start to face it. And we say, " I AM STRUGGLING". WHAT THE HELL! You invited problem yourself and now you are with the story of your struggling.

This is what makes a life a joke.

And I am a joker, greatest one......


Thank you

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Avatar for Lawa1988
Written by   121
2 months ago
Topics: Joker, Life, Joke
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Nice article ;truth with fun.😍😍

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2 months ago

Excellent story

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2 months ago

Thank yoiu

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2 months ago

Wow you have wide perception about how everything was created, we have the same wavelength sometimes I also imagining that thing. Your basis are purely science but for me that topic is too broad since the two explanations on how everything created has no strong evidence proving that it's true. You have great article. I will wait for your future articles. Maybe you can write about things beyond universe.❤❤ Sorry I have no balance but I'll subscribe to you.😊❤

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2 months ago

Thank you for commenting. I agree with you. It is a broad topic. And I have planned to write more. So I have written, continues 🤓🤓

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2 months ago