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Is crypto a Scam?

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2 months ago
Topics: Crypto, Scam

I have read many articles here and there but I have never found anyone they have understood the crypto properly. If you speak to a crypto specialist he will eat our mind with some people terms. While listening to him he will make you feel am getting things but after a while, we will be like what did he say?.

Today, I will take you on the journey of crypto space, don't worry I won't be entering into its vague terms that are hard to understand and we don't need it to. If you wanna travel with me by train to explore the reality of crypto then at first delete everything that you have to learn, from today you will see crypto space with a new perspective. Tighten your belt I am pulling the gear, let's begin...

When we see our life, when we are in the bigger landscape we get into confusion about what is going on?. So we see with different dimensions.

To see crypto space, we too will see with different dimensional space.

Crypto space is a broad subject

Crypto space seems like a play of blockchain but is aware of it, don't misread it, it is a broad subject that encompasses all the political, economical and social dimensions.

Why crypto was born?

From the time of the stone age to now, if we see the shifting of power we can see at first power holders were feudal, then it went to the monarch. Monarchy always had a problem with nobles, clergy class people. Later with the birth of capitalism, all lost their power in different kinds of revolutions and capitalism brought middle-class people into a power monarchy are thrown out or are bound to the constitution.

When there was a problem raised from labours and workers in production, this middle class chooses to go with financial institutions. This started an era of financial capitalism.

Financial institutions started to act as a middle man, They tried to influence the governance by calling themselves private sectors. As time went on, middle-class people started to realize that Governments are legitimate bodies that are formed by the sovereign power of the state. And the sovereign power holders were the people.

As of French revolutions, when the power went lower class people jacobians, that gave threat to Mueller class and middle-class people. With the knowledge of this fact and more number of the lower class people, middle-class people (capitalist)started to seek a system that is out of the government.

Understand this way out of government? Because capitalist theory is always challenged by the communist governance system. So the government can be changed on next election if there comes a communist government then what happens to private property. The only option we find is the nationalization of property. To make property safe, middle-class people want a system where people themselves will be owners, and not controlled by any central bodies. Something we can call digital assets.

Also as terrorist is increasing day-by-day, we can't carry property in our pockets, how about a system where we will have our property in digital form and the values are not blocked by border and the governments. Just go to some new place and use it there.

For this, the solution was the blockchain.

So, in 2008 blockchain was invented in the name of an unknown person Satoshi Nakamoto. And many claims that bitcoin was created by a group of capitalist persons. And claims Satoshi doesn't exist.

At the present day, we have more than 8000 coins.

is crypto a scam?

If we see it in the bigger landscape, no it is not, but we can call it an alternative prepared by capitalist groups to bypass the government. As I have said earlier, the history that gave birth to crypto was nothing but the struggle to gain some stake in power distribution by the middle-class people And when they saw the threat from Government in future they just want to isolate the state but they want themselves to be free. They just don't want to be under the rules and regulations of governments and the boundary lines of borders. The middle class want to fly like a bird whenever they go take their assets. Thus crypto favours middle-class people.

As people used to say, businessmen don't have my country. Yeah! In this sense crypto is an alternative to government incented for the freedom of middle-class people. Thus, it would be wrong to say that crypto is a scam

And how to stop it or regulate it depends on the strategy of the governments. And they are doing it.

For middle-class people, it is a new invention that would be a panacea. But what about the lower class people?

The lower class people, poor people labours and workers, they have same in government, they use their sovereign right to participate in governance system for them the government is representing them and crypto is claim. ing themselves as decentralised blockchain. Government can't track its path. Means crypto is out of reach of the lower class every their representative government can't regulate it. means they feel crypto is a scam.

This is why poor countries governments don't permit crypto as the means of payment. Because there is a risk of volatility and also accountability.if tomorrow, the prices go below 10k. They will suffer a lot better to prohibit it.

In a nutshell,

Crypto have some disadvantages to the countries with economic vulnerability and economic instability, as we are concerned about its prices but if we see the blockchain system, projects like xrp, vechain, ....which have real-world use we can use them to benefit the system of governance.

Though as I have said earlier it has come as the tool of capitalists, it has many other beneficial uses like tracking data, unhackable technology, trackable information which makes it a benediction of the technology to mankind.

If we can make the world bank and IMF control the monetary system of the world why can we build a system that also controls the crypto space regulates it, monitors it, tracks it.

Every man is capitalist everyone wants freedom, this is why I think crypto is the future that we are seeing today in the early phases of it Because the capitalist system most advantageous point is that its adoption and will be adopted very soon all around the globe.

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This post is just my views on crypto, if I am wrong and had not understood the truth, then I am sorry for that. But this is what I feel to date.

Thank you,

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Written by   154
2 months ago
Topics: Crypto, Scam
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Well, if you explain the concept of money to a person in 10th century, they might say you're a scammer because how can a paper have such value? They'd prefer commodities like solid gold, silver and even SALT. Romans used salt to pay their citizens. In this new age, crypto is the new money. That's why people say it's a scam because they are uncomfortable of change.

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2 months ago

Well I don't doubt you, that's the reality.

But the real problem lies in some where and we are building our world on our selfishness, greediness and blameless and putting , inventing things upon it piles and piles of assumptions.

The worry is not about cryptos it's just a byproduct , but real issue is we are not getting the root of problems, we are operating systems in way of whatever fruit we get, if it is unhealthy through it in this way.

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2 months ago

Yes, it scammed me to spend more time here so I can earn more lol!

I have yet to see crypto being used here in our city. It's still a long way to go.

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2 months ago

Thanks for this thoughts. I am not really understand what crypto was, but by reading this articles of yours I got an idea of it. And with that I cant say anything as of now. Lets just wait because as others say we dont know what could be the possibilities may happen tomorrow.

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2 months ago

people should realized actually what crypto mean with deep thought . anyway, days going on crypto getting regulated which mean this gonna fail too soon

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2 months ago

No one knows the future my bro we can only do is predict it. Let's be optimistic

$ 0.00
2 months ago

lets see what happen next

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2 months ago