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Existence of God

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3 months ago
Topics: God, Philosophy

To the question of, existence of God , DO GOD EXIST? there can be two answers. One may say yeah while other goes for No. Besides these two there is another answer that's more correct then previous ones. The third one which is possible is words of silence.

There can also be others ways of answering but let's constraint ourself to three answers: yes, no and remaining silence.

Yes or No answers are ones that are link with the understanding towards the God by own self to the word God. These are the answers that reflects your principle position where you stand. In which party do you stand? with yes parties or with No parties. Suppose, we believe God as omnipotent, has full power to do anything with a glimpse of time and God can perform each and every task. If you believe God in this way, the existence of God becomes to lie in the possibilities of finding such power presence with the limitation of our thinking. We say yes, if we believe that God with such attributes can have presence within the existence. And we go for No, if we believe that it's not possible.

With mind there can only be two answer possible. But here, I suspect you, if on next moment if your mind cracks what happens to the existence of God. You will forget the God , you will be in your illusionary world.

If you think that God is extraordinary , omnipotent without class and boundaries
In such a case I question you



I want to make you understand that what we understand is not sufficient in understanding the God. Suppose , I ask you , show me the evidence of existence of God? You may turn some pages in your sacred books and say look here it is written. If you choose to go with this with me , I will question with you again," WHAT TYPE OF GOD DO YOU WORSHIP WHICH NEED SOME OTHER REFERENCE TO ITS EXISTENCE TO BE CERTIFIED?"

I am making a point coming to this point that whatever answer we try to give on any subject matter. We can have long debate.And in my opinion, Debate are useless, waste of time.

In debate, most of time we try to imbue our understanding to convince other. If you can make more comments with more time ,we call it as dominance in debate. This is why debate results doesn't shows the reality, it shows that who has more points than other.

Debate is only one of the ways in making noise and winning a seat.

Whatever we make points to prove the existence of God only facilities to atheist person to have more debate with us.

Therefore, to the question, DO GOD EXIST? , YES OR NO , can be never appropriate answer. Yes God exists? Prove it . No God doesn't exist, how?. You comment one , I will cut you comment with another logic.

Short post: that just hit me at this moment

As you know , Christainity is making its standing place in south Asian countries, recently there we can feel increasing activities of church in all parts in that region.

Why to talk of others, I am sharing mine story.

One-day in our town there was a church near about 5 minutes walk from our house. I know many of Christian family in my periphery they always used to suggest me to go to church and have some message of God.

From small I was interested in God. I used to like to listen about the God. As I managed a time one day and went to church. This is not my first time but this was my first time to that church.

I meet one father. We talked for 2-3 hours. And I asked permission to leave. He concluded our talk and at last he said," ..... IF YOU VISIT HERE FOR SEVEN DAYS AND TAKE A SEVEN DAYS COURSE, I WILL PROVE YOU THAT GOD EXIST. I WILL SHOW YOU GOD...


He didn't talk a word after that.

What kind of society we live in?


I agreed to know the existence. Of God. But he wasn't there ready to see what I believe.

Back to the point,

Those which stands with the support of others. In debate to such comments, We get two subject where we can attack . We can surly win the debate.

Those things which exist with the support of other will be the center for talk.

Therefore, While talking in the subject matter of the existence of God only one way is possible which is more relevant than others that is


Though, silence is not the exact answer to the existence . But it is far better than YES or NO.

Why silence?

Silence answer doesn't have any debatable points to get commented. So it is better in case of , existence of God.

God exist or not ? Can only be answered with feeling. Existence of God lies not in logic but it lies in feeling.

God is to be felt not to be debated.

What I feel,how can I say you? I can't pick any words for that.

Once there lived a monk, named as Budai, known as laughing Buddha. Once he attained enlightenment he started his teaching. His teaching .

Whenever a question was asked him, he used to laugh loud. What is God? Do God exist? His answer was always a long laugh.

In this way , also answer can be given but this is also a same as being silent.

Buddha talked about the world but not about the God , not even a word. But there are some religions in this world they speak the word God. Thus doesn't mean that God exist or God don't exist. This means that at that time the best possible way to make aware people was with the word God.

The religions that accept the God are, Christainity, Hinduism.

Jesus Christ

"When the kingdom of my father comes there won't be time."

No time indicates the comparison drops, every values drops. I will be you and you will be I. See, this is why saying the word God is only the best way out but God actually can only be indicates. When there is no time, everything will become one.

Lord Krishna

" I am in all the matters from the big to the small"

This is also indicating the same thing as Christainity does. No comparison.

Lord Buddha

"Everything will end in emptiness"

In emptiness, we all are same. There too comparison drops.

See Hindu and Christainity believes in God but talks the words of Buddha who never talked about the God. And Lord Buddha who never talked about God speaks the words of those who believe that there exist God.

What ever the path we choose either to believe in God or not. We all will have same ending. We dissolve within the existence. This is sure.

Today , I tried myself best way for explaining the God. May I couldn't satisfy you. But this is the best way that I could give you.

Hope you have some comments . Would be glad to see it down below.

Thank you,..... For reading

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Avatar for Lawa1988
Written by   121
3 months ago
Topics: God, Philosophy
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I think the idea of God is a way to bind us people, However what happened is the opposite we became separated because of our beliefs which cause war and conflict among other.

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3 months ago

Hmmm I agree with you God is a way to bind us no doubt but we entangled our self more with God thus we get into chaos nowadays

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3 months ago

I do believe God exists.

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3 months ago

We all do believe in God dear

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3 months ago

I'll just use "slience" about the existence of God here. I just found it strange that you mentioned Christianity but not Judaism or Islam, just wanted to know if there's a reason for that.

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3 months ago

thank you for your concern.

It is because I am from Nepal, and here in Nepal, As I live in eastern part of region, what I write is what I have experienced. And In my vicinity there are 70% Hindus , 15% Christainity and 15 % Buddhist. And I don't have any knowledge about Islam. And also judaism. When I don't know about them how I can write about them. This is the reason, I don't mention them. Because if someone , someday asks me how can I defend them. I am not the one who just post collecting info. What I say I am accountable for it . And what I write is? I can defend on each and every words.

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3 months ago

I thought it was something like this, just wanted to make sure...

If you're truly interested in knowing if God exists I advice you to look up Islam and reach your own conclusion after reading about it.

I don't know a lot and don't have time so I can't be the one to teach you. You're better looking for it yourself if you're really interested.

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3 months ago

Thank you for the suggestion. When I was about 18-19 , I used to think I will read all the books of all religion. Now I don't even listen a world from religious people. Even I stop to read philosophical scripts, books 😂😂😂 Now, I feel better being silence

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3 months ago

God is the source of our existence and separation from Him means separation from life itself.

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3 months ago

May you are right or may be wrong I don't have any clue to check it. And I don't have any words to address God but my friend I just say

Sometimes close you eyes ,feel the wind, it's movement with eyes close. There you will find something......

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3 months ago

I don't have proof either. Not even when I need to convince the opposite. I only know when I'm in trouble, I always turn to God for help first.

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3 months ago

That's good to believe in God. When you believe in him he will answer you. Sometimes may be late ....

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3 months ago

May God bless you.

$ 0.00
3 months ago

He will and he will bless you too dear

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3 months ago