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Battle on

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4 months ago
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I don't know myself how I am? Because Everytime I just want to remain silent. I believe, silent is only the way here and to my contradictory if you want to live a life here, you have to make noise. Just see around everyone is making noise to make their living.

Farmers in the field singing aloud to express their gratitude to the nature and with a optimistic view towards the future, they sing a song in a field. At market place, people are making noise in order to make the trade, "COME , GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY, EVERYTHING ONLY IN RS 10".

Then I realize , silent is way to understand the life and noise is necessary to make our life go on and on. We need both at the same, silence to understand things what is going around and noise to make ourself flow with the present time.

After the 27th birthday, I thought to get married and now I have my wife and one daughter. Everything was going on well besides the noise. I could not make noise that is no earning. In our society, we are bound within family , we will within a family not as western that after 18 we have to flee away. Whatever it be?

After a while, I thought to leave house in search of job. My bad luck within a months CORONA, now everything changed into the opposite direction. In our country, it hard to get job now because the government itself is confused that whether it's lock down policy? Or we have opened totally?

Then, I thought okey! let's see other ways .

I only knew this point was to remain silent. Now I don't have any idea of making noise. Then I thought, okey why not I start with writing. And to this point laughing stuff was my language and Grammer, Lol.

I thought, " to write we don't need language and Grammer just hold the pen and start to write". And I started to write. At First I used to write , one post per day in Facebook wall. As I am human, I realize that in this world "NO ONE HAS TIME TO READ MY POST".

Now I need a platform, where I get some visitors and do comments. I will slowly go on working in my language and writing style. Then I found from online sources. Without a second delay I sign in.

At first, I didn't write any post just wanna read others. I spent days reading the post here. Then after some days , "OKEY! NOW IS WRITING TIME" Then I started to write.

With out proper language and writing style. I even don't had a any method for writing . Just I started with words that comes in my mind. At first , I published two articles, there was big zero in return. No views, no comments and no $. At that moment , I thought okey, " may be I don't have idea about writing " I need to upgrade myself". At that moment, the bell turned red . And I was tipped with $0.03 , I felt bliss , some wave was moving within my body. Because that was first time I got something from my writing. I felt okey , "LETS START THE JOURNEY".

After publishing 10-12 post here I was only making at the range of under $1. But that was enough than moving to faucets and collecting points. When I saw others earnings I felt someward disappointed.

As everything was going on this way, I saw some post mentioning .

As I ignore some days, why I need to visit I? But I could not tolerate my meandering mind, and signed in there. Now I started to work on both.

After publishing two articles there I noticed that many post were same on both platform.

Hmmm! Write one article and publish on both....😎😎😎

To be honest, I did this. I think I did this for 3-4 articles that I published here in

I started to collect some penny from both platform.

But from my inside, I was sad. Everytime when I see same article on both platform, something from inside used to call me as,

" Man! At last you became that one "

This gave me jolt day by day. Now I don't do so, because something from within my body felt , " it's not the appropriate deed for me".

And coming to this day, I write here because in publishOx post are more over related to coins. I am a free writer and love to read experiences rather than facts. And in order to upgrade myself in writing , nowadays I had started to read Grammer books and do some vocabularies. When I post something here , nowadays I get happy when I get some subscribers rather than dollars. Subscribers are hard to collect here.

This is my story here.

Now let's talk about battle.

In both platform , I notice there are four types of post on the basis of focus or subject matters in their articles.

1. Crypto-currency oriented

Many post are here and there related to coins. This went up? That went up? Analysis? Ways to earn? Everything. While reading such posts we will be flying in clouds with profits all round. Some post even claim not to invest here and there.

Such post have some advantages like sometimes saves us from getting in scam, fraud, back. But the disadvantage point I see in such posts are creativity zero. They talk like parrot copying others. He claims this and this sites claims this. So this will probably will be result.

2. Experience oriented

Day to day life experiences articles comes with vibes of life. People shares their energy through such posts and we will be filled with their vibes when we get a chance to read such posts.

Personally and honestly , I prefer to read such post.

3. Facts oriented

There we also find posts where we get facts and facts. And I would also like to mentioned that for me established theories are also facts . So, I have categories everything brought from somewhere under this category.

Like words of Bible, other holy scripts, science facts, research based posts.

4. Free writing

Under this category, every free writings falls like poems, also stories. In such writings everything talks.


In this platform, when I joined everything was balanced . All kinds of posts were there. But recently I can see the topics are tilting on one category. Honestly speaking coins based posts are increasing day by day.

No doubt since this platform is based on coins, coins can have more space there. Everyone understands the value of coins. And the price culminated to apex that made more eye catchy. Whatever be the scenario, I believe beauty lies on diversification. We need to diversify ourself inorder to go with the time.

And in this platform I am feeling that we are loosing that diversity. So , in my view this is battle between posts of their subject matters.

In the era of capitalism it is absurd to say ," let's divert the topic from profit". We are in the system, we can neglect it.

But this capatilism will cost our humanity.

Just imagine the worst case scenario, I too talk about coins, you too. Every one here only with coins.

Then, my dear friends we may earn some coins in return. But we will forget about the facts that happiness lies in the bond of family not in the profit which is by product of capitalism.

I am really worried about what is going on. So, through this post I want to say that if you are writing posts besides the subject matters of coins, I want to encourage you. I will stand with you.

Just think may we are paving a path for the coming generations to show them what is reality.

Bigger than this, we are showing the coming generations how we live. We will show them where happiness , pleasure lie.

Therefore, we are in the battle with the capitalism. Not only here but on reality ground too.

Let's spread humanity. Let's us show others that we are humans and we live as humans.

Thank you , this much for today.......


Everything I write in my post are my opinions and views. Again, I repeat everything thing I post are my way of seeing things and I am responsible for my post. And I will be.

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Written by   121
4 months ago
Topics: Battle,
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There is no battle here,. For as long as you have readers, they will read whatever articles you posted. Either bout coins, life, photography, free writing, etc. They will read it... I guess what you need to have is more audience.. And you can do that by interacting with other authors. Catch their attention and gain their subscriptions...

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3 months ago

If we see from another angle. I agree with you.

As long as we have writers and readers everything will go on and on. We are in this platform. We earn from it. And it would be our responsibility to keep everything in order. We must preserve the laws too.

I felt that we are in battle only in the sense of topics recently.

My intention is to support the others topics writers rather them coins subjects matters. And give message that i stand with them. Just write and keep on writing slowly our writing will be the way for preserving , protecting, promoting and maintains the humanity.

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3 months ago

Well we can't avoid them to get into that topic.. Coz the main reason why this platform was created is to have mass adoption of BCH.. I was like you before too.. I don't write crypto-related articles.. But people saw too much opportunity in crypto.. That's why they want to learn more bout it.. They want to adopt it. .they want to read more articles bout it. Because they know they will gain profit from doing so.. And that is when I started writing articles bout crypto.. But readers will read whatever articles catch their interest..and I write different kinds of articles too,.. Bout life, motivational, crypto, photography, travel blog, even free writing.... Because my readers don't choose what article they want to read..

Just continue writing so you can gain your readers too..

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3 months ago

Hmmm I got the point that you are trying to deliver. At last,I want to thank you for your time for reading and commenting on my post. Also for up vote. Thank you.

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3 months ago

Welcome..try to visit other articles too so you can gain more subscribers..we all started from there..

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3 months ago

I was one of the few people who used to dislike the idea of seeing so many crypto-related articles, but then when I started to understand them bit by bit, I realized those articles are indeed helpful.. Of course, there are still articles that are hard to understand because of the terminologies they're using, but there are others that I love to read.

Anyway, I have an advice for you.. If you're using your phone to, download grammarly.. It's free, and it helps improve your grammar.. And don't worry about the earnings, the first few attempts are not always easy, but as you keep writing, you will start receiving more tips from the bot.. And if you to learn crypto and how you can earn from it, follow @Jane @Eybyoung @Eirolfeam2 @Ruffa as they have so much to offer.

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3 months ago

Actually my friend I am not against such posts. I like them too.

But I am worried about the diversity. Variation , we are loosing day by day.

This is why , I said we are loosing in maintaining the diversity within the post subjects. So I said it as battle I felt such because I have seen writers changing there subject matters to crypto currency. Because they think that crypto topics are much more eye catchers.

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3 months ago

Yes, most of the topic now or the articles here at nowadays r about cryptocurrency or coins because it's the popular, in-demand n talk of the town, latest topic everyone is writing, some user/member here's sharing their journey or experience about it n it helped me to gain n have knowledge about it

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4 months ago

Hmmm I am not against posting about coins in our era of capitalism. Just wanna support others to make them realize what they are putting their effort for.

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4 months ago

Sorry but that's not what i mean, i just said n told u 'bout my observation, they r writing it 'coz it's the trend or what's in nowadays n i agree with u that some wrote n put their effort in it n yes, u can give your support to them :)

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4 months ago

We must all support them, since we are in same platform. We are like family and must act as a single entity.


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4 months ago

Yes, we should support one another 'coz we r all here in n must act as one as well

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4 months ago

Great post ! Made me smile about the tip. I got my first 0.03 tip recently and also felt, maybe there is something to this !

Sites like these could many who need little extra cash . Hope will grow and benefit many!

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4 months ago

I can feel you bro 😁😁😁 everything in this world works on hope.

Sometimes we walk on our own and feel we are in right path. But I think we need to see at every corner possible that what's going on?

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4 months ago