What if you change your device or log in from another browser and forget the seed words!

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2 years ago

Forgetting things is a natural temperament of humanbeings. People used to forget things without some engrossing momments or anything. But Something which has value in our life should be remembered whatever happens.Being indifferent to useful things is not a good thing at all.You have to understand the value of each thing and pay attention. You can't mess with everything you want. There are some things you need to be careful about.

There are about 64000 users on Read.cash. Just one month ago,the number of total user was about 62k I guess. In this one year, A lot of account created in this platform and this is the proof we can see.

The graph describes the number of users on this platform from last yea
Quantity increased but not quality

Stat shows that the number of new users per day around 150-200.

Graph of New users per day

The number of users has increased and continuously increasing day by day but do we know how much the actual number of users has increased? This is what I mean and listen, how many users? Statistics from this platform shows that the number of active users is only 5-10 thousand! Wow! Doesn't it look weird? Where 64 thousand users and where only 10 thousand? See the difference? Man naturally does not want to do anything without self-interest. He will give his labor only if he can fulfill his self-interest.But we can say proudly that this platform is paying you and it's well enough! But the question still arrives, why?

Total active user on this platform

But still why people are not active or why people lose interest in it and leave?

I have already thought about it. This was bothering me a lot. This question made me uneasy why people lose interest in such a beautifully arranged platform?So I have tried to do a small research on it from somedays ago.I have found some reason of this.

  • Those users are usually persuaded by YouTube or someone else that they can get money just by writing anything here and they will quickly become the owner of a lot of money. In this greed they join this platform without knowing it properly . In this case, I am not blaming them. They are misguided and cheated by having wrong information. I hope youtubers who are there will make their videos beautiful with good and useful information So that ordinary users do not suffer any loss from it. Because everyone has the price of his time. I am not telling about all YouTubers,don't get me wrong.I am trying to focus the local youtubers who are hanker after subscription and views.

  • Some users come here knowingly with a lot of interest. After a while, they lost interest. The only reason they lose interest is because they don't get the Rusty's attention. The rush comes with a lot of interest but they don't follow any rules.As a result they fail to attract rusty so they lose interest. Here I would say their patience is much less. You can't be succeed very quickly. If you can, it will be a surprise. Will amazing things happen to everyone? No. You have to work on it first and keep patience. Just do your work.If you work has honesty and quality, someday surely you will gonna be paid. Don't always be in a hurry.Give it a time.

  • Another most important matter I have noticed that's what I am Writing this article.Many users come and get success for their good writing and Rusty gives them due respect but they lose it.Lose it how? They don't save there seed words of BCH wallet here on read.cash wallet and forget them . They change their browser or device and creat new wallets and lose their money. Then they start complaining against this platform. A few of them i guess do this complain. But many users lose their interest from this platform by losing their money and it is true! Losing money because of users mistake is one of the major cause of Losing interest from this platform I guess.

How seed words can save you money!

I have nothing much to tell on this. Because read.cash has already clearly written about it. See it or you can read it https://read.cash/@Read.Cash/back-up-your-seed-words-6c8a8a04


I have also seen last night that read.cash replied a post on reddit on the issue not recieving any amount sent to external wallets that they never ever control our money, because the money is held by our browser. They even don't know our seed phrase.If you know your seed phrase then your money is safe. Only you who control your money.

Screenshot from reddit

I have written the tittle What if you change your device or log in from another browser and forget the seed words. There is chance if you change your browser or device because you can import your previous wallet by using seed phrase. But, if you forget the seed words, as much as I know there is no way to recover your money.

There is no substitute for a seed phrase here. You must remember it. In fact, you do not have to remember it. Keep it in a place where it will be safe. Maybe I have seen @bmjc98 have also faced this problem and have lost money. I can't remember that properly whom I saw. Most probably it is @bmjc98

Once I have also changed my browser. I was using chrom browser and changed it later with brave browser. But I was conscious about this sees phrase and I have successfully imported my wallet.but still i did a mistake.i didn't put all seed words carefully and finished the process and mistakenly created new wallet. Later on, i have imported that successfully. And now I have both those 2 wallets seed word and i am using that new wallet. I don't want you to lose your Bitcoincash because BitcoinCash is valuable that shouldn’t be lost.


It is a must to save your seed phrase if you don't want to lose your money. As there is no other option left so be careful about it.

I would like to add something that I got to see today that I am in the list of top 200 tippers in last 30 days and my position is 142 for spending $2.13. I am excited about it.

I want to thank my sponsors and obviously this platform who is making me feel so good. Thanks again my sponsors for inspiring me.

@Pantera @CryptoMax @CryptoBabe @EnthuBCH

I have already spent approximately 1 month here on read.cash. I am going to share my experience of the 1 month journey in the next article. Tomorrow will be the 30th day of my journey here.

Be blessed my dear readers.

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2 years ago


Yes, I did lose just a tiny bit of my first earnings during my early days here. I think it was probably less than $0.50 but as a newbie, any amount matters. :) Now, I make sure everything is recorded, and I even memorized 2 of my seed phrases. :)

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2 years ago

That's why when a pop up message apoear saying this important note. Then you should really consider taking it into your notes. Some just ignoring those message ans in the end. When they encounter some problems they will blame everything. So seed phrase is important so make sure to write it down in your notebook.

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2 years ago

Yeah. That is what i did. And that's why i didn't face this wallet issue after logging in my account in another browser. It's fine that i did a slight mistake but i have that previous wallets seeds😊

So the gist is, saving your seed phrase to a safest place is a must

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2 years ago

That's cool, and yes you better hide it on the safest place you know. Or better yet, memorize it so no one can steal it.

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2 years ago

From fhe beginning, the system already reminds us to back up our seed phrase. And for as long as there is a seed phrase, the money is safe.. .and readcash is right, they don't steal funds here.. If there is an issue, most probably due to technical issues. but everything will be resolved later. And because of the upgrade, I guess the system still needs to fix something, and that may be the cause of technical issues recently encountered by different users.

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2 years ago

yeah. The problem has been solved. I know that read.cash doesn’t steal funds. They won't have to steal because they are trying to run this platforms smoothly. People often blames for a little issue.but they forget that they are getting money from them. This means that even after getting it for free, there is no end to the demand. You know jane , I feel very bad for them Problem can be arrived. They have solutions. We have to wait for it. But people are always in a hurry.

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2 years ago