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In every spare of life Quality is important. If you have quality you will cetainly be valued well.

Noise.cash is not the different. It also finds quality in users.The more you have quality the more you safe at noise. Noise will value you without any doubt.Noise.cash launched almost 4 months ago. And still it is a good platform for the users.

So today we will discuss about how will you gain quality in your post and you become quality user!and eran more free BCH.

Important things to become a quality user






strictly prohibited

🚫 Don't copy paste

🚫Don't Beg

🚫Don't use hate speech

Let's talk about Honesty first


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If you are an honest person, you are most welcome here because you will just need to gain some knowledge to become a quality user.Everyone of us just hanker after money and trying to make money anyhow. So they follow the wrong path just to make money.for example, you are a new user on noise,trying to make posts comments etc, suddenly a man comes to you and say,why are you doing so much hard where you can copy data from google or another place? Tell me,what will you think? So many of us will think to copy and paste.because it is easy to do! So why will you put an extra effort to make quality content? It is the big mistake we always do. Give the proof of honesty there by saying no to copy and paste. You just try to post from your own! If you are not good at English then use translator. But do your own. If you copy and paste from any where, then noise will catch you. You are thinking what will happen if i copy and paste. If you do that,noise won't gonna provide you free tips anymore! What makes the loss! Think twice before stealing others writings. Because they had put much effort to write it and you are stealing, this is not fair! So don't copy and paste others writings. Make your own post,share your daily activities, share your favourite things and many other good stuff! It will help you to be a qualitiful user.


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Knowledge is important to be a good user and make quality content. If you know much what you are going to write about then you will be able to write well and you will be able to put twist in it.. Let's suppose you have no knowledge about what you want to write.Do some research on it,if you try to know that topic you will know some more extra. So try to gain knowledge, if you have knowledge, you have high potential to be a good user and a quality content maker because knowledge and exlerince will add extra chees in your writing and readers will enjoy you.For an example, You want to write about cryptocurrency such as BCH crypto.But, you don't know much about it.Then how will you write on it? I will suggest you to google it. Search about it,.i am suggesting you not because of Copying and pasting but because of doing some research. There are many videos, blogs on BCH crypto and all. You will have to read them watch them patiently. After somedays of research you will be able to write something on it by your own!

So gaining knowledge is very much important to be a quality content maker at noise.


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You should have dedication for the work.never lose hope.you might not be successful at the very beginning. But you can continue putting effort you will be succeeded sooner or later..


Don't be ferocious. There are many people who is new but they are not spammers.so they will do mistakes but you don't behave bad with them. Make understand them. Show them their mistakes and give chance to them to recover themselves. Be polite with them.they will feel good for you and will be with you. Try to interact with people politely.


You will have to keep patience. There is no one in the world who got success in a sec! You just do your part,your effort will lead you to the success. Don't be humble.

Don't you dare to copy paste.noise strongly hate this, most important, don't beg free tips from other users.you might be banned for this.or you might not get free tip never. So be carefull about it.

If you do what i have said you will become a good user at noise.cash. noise will provide free tips and you will also find the other good user and tip them for their quality content. After all noise made you a tipper! So the more you gain quality the more chance arrives to earn more BCH

Today i won't discuss about it more. Another day we will talk about it also. Till now,try to be a good user and a quality content maker. Btw, if you want to know about cryptocurrency then you can visit -






This sites does analysis about cryptos.you will find it useful i think.

Stay blessed,eat healthy,keep smiling ❤️

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I completely agree with you in this one, and I think you are right at the point and I don't think that I have more to add but to tell you your article goes right to the point if you want to write for read cash and I would say the same applies for noise cash as well.

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Honesty builds your interpersonal relationship with rusty here on Readcash. Thanks for this article

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