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Have you give a meaning on your dreams? Are you overthinking because you're afraid that your dream will come true in reality? Well, you should read this and interpret your dream!

In my country, the Philippines, there's a lot of myths about dreams, they said that if you saw your friend or anyone headless, you should tell them and burn the clothes that they are wearing.

Personally, I don't believe in those superstitions but I respect what other's beliefs. Welp, we're going farther from the topic so let's proceed.

Disclaimer: This content is an update and republished.

Dream interpretation: What's your dream means?

When you died on your dream but you felt peace on it
The research says that when you died on your dream but you felt peace on it, you will not going to die but you're ready to let go. It could be something that you're ready to let go. So if you're heartbroken and you had a dream like this, maybe it's time to let go and you're ready on it.

When you had a dream that your teeth are falling out
In the Philippines, usually they will say that someone will going to die if you had a dream like this, also, you shall not tell anyone of this and to counter it, you should bite a tree. Lol. I heard this from my mother because my sister told us that she had a dream like this. Well, she didn't bite a tree, lol. The study said that there's a lot of events in your life that you feel that you have no control. As Wallace tells The independent, "Your teeth symbolize how confident and powerful you feel, so some situation is causing your confidence to crumble in waking life."

When you had dream about birds
Have you heard about Odin in Nordic Mythology? He has a two raven birds that will help him to gather information and to send a message to everyone. The dream experts said that if you had a dream about birds, you are expecting to hear a message from someone.

When you had a dream that you're on a plane
Did you know that riding an airplane is the fastest public transportation? Well, the study shows that you feel the sudden changes on your life.

When you had a dream you're headless
Having a dream that lost a part of your body is such a nightmare for us. According to Lennox, that's a sign of "an eradication of a thought process, or to your sense of identity."

When you had a dream that you sleep with your coworker in the same bed
Isn't it funny that you have a dream like this? Maybe many of us will think that this is a lust but according to the dream analyst, you're just admiring them or having a positive qualities that you admire.

When you had a dream that you have a baby
Having a baby in your dream means that you're looking forward to have a new chapter in life. Since the baby—literally—needs a to be cared of, Lennox emphasized that "intense responsibilities associated with".

When you had a dream that you suddenly became rich
Do you have a dream that you won a lottery? Or maybe you already had a mansion and lamborghini? In reality, it means that you're aware on richness of yourself. You understand and realized the value of other persons. It means that it isn't all about materialistic things, it simply means self-enrichment.

When you had a dream that you fell inlove with someone
Did you find it strange that you fell inlove with someone on your dreams? What did you felt? Maybe you're happy because of that but did you know that in reality, it means that we received an inadequate love and our uniqueness as an individual is ignored.

When you had a dream that you're falling
Maybe most of us already experienced this, the feeling that you fell on your dreams then you'll be awake because of shocked. It simply means that you're holding too tightly in a particular situation but you need to let it go.

When you had a dream that you're flying
It's good to fly like a bird but obviously, it will only happen on our dreams. If falling in your dream means you're holding tightly on a particular situation, in flying, it means that you freed yourself on a heavy responsibility. You already let go what you're holding (figuratively speaking).

When you had a dream that you're flying but there's an obstacle
Obviously, flying isn't always being free and relaxed. Dream analyst said that this means that there is something or someone that preventing and stopping you to accomplish your goals in life. Anderson said, "It could be a relationship or a job—it's the details in the dream that really explore your feelings on a deeper level."

When you had a dream that you're completely naked on public
This is funny to hear but did you know that it has a deep meaning? According to the study, it means that you feel something vulnerable and exposed to yourself. It might be the time to open up to your friends or family.

When you had a dream that you need to use the bathroom
It simply means that you want to let go or release something or someone on your life. It might be not a helpful one or you want to be free.

When you had a dream that someone is chasing you
This is very common dream to everyone one but this actually means that you want to confront someone but you don't know how to do. To make it simple, you need yo face your fears.

In the list above, what are you already experienced? Hoping that this can help you to interpret your dreams. To know more about dream interpretation, click THIS.

This is just based on my research, maybe these are just a guide to us but always remember that your future is on your hands. It's up to you if you'll believe on these statements.


Published: January 16, 2021

Update: July 3, 2021

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1 year ago


I enjoyed reading this. I dream about my teeth are falling out and my grandma has the same interpretation as what you wrote. 😅 I was scared that time because I thought someone in the family would really die because I tell that dream to everyone.

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1 year ago

I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I think it is only a superstitions.

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1 year ago

I just planned to share my burden about my dream through an article but I just can't, until you mentioned. I am always dreaming about my crush before or yet almost became my bf. I wasn't thinking of him but after seeing him again few days in my working place, he suddenly showed in my dreams a lot of times.

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1 year ago

Maybe you miss him a lot haha

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1 year ago

Oh no.. 🤦‍♀️😅

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1 year ago

Ang dami ko napaginipan na anjan.. Pro dami beses ako nanaginip na nalaglag mga ngipin ko.. Masama nga yan satin may mamatay daw..kya lage ako worried kpg nanaginip ng ganyan 😥 sana nga tama yung research

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1 year ago

Pamahiin lang naman po yata yung ganan

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