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In a world of Beasts, be an Angel

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Article #18

May 20, 2022

Jasim entered the house and saw his wife is busy with house chores. He knows her wife is having a high fever (before leaving for the office, he asked her to take a rest and not to busy herself with hectic things). He patted her shoulder by saying: "go and have rest, my dear wife, you already had done much for me and my kids. now it's my responsibility to take care of you."

The next day before going to work, Jasim cleaned the house, prepared breakfast for the whole family, and made soup for their wife.

  • Scene# 02

Micheal; you are still in bed??? don't you know my sister's family is coming..(He knows her wife is expecting and her due date is near, she must be in labor within someday).

Naghmana; I am in great pain, I had chopped all the stuff but was unable to cook.

Listening to this, he slapped her wife and then start beating her, ignoring she is 9 months pregnant. (Her kids are watching from the window, they are scared of their dad).

  • Scene# 03

Joseph bought a diamond ring for her wife, today's their 4th wedding anniversary. He wants to surprise her wife (Anna) and wants a huge party at home. He invited her wife's friends, His parents, and her wife's parents to party too. Her wife is an office lady. before her arrival, he arranged all the things.

Its 9'o clock. Her wife parked her car on the porch, when she entered the house she saw her parents and friends, this made her happy, but when she saw his husband's parents, this made her mood off. she attended the whole party in a bad mood. she didn't accept the diamond ring as an anniversary gift, because she was expecting a necklace. She fights all night with her husband.

Macleod and Marry are going through financial crises. MacLeod is jobless now a day. He is really under the circumstances. Marry understand his condition. She knows her husband is struggling hard to get a job. She covers all the expenses of the house in a limited amount wisely.

In the world full of Micheal, MacLeod, and Aana, be like Jasim and marry.

This world is already full of negativity. Try to behave leniently with your spouse. If you are not ready to get married, please don't marry. It's better to stay single than in a pathetic relationship. I know most people are not prepared to get married, but they get married because of society's pressure. Please don't do this. you are going to raise a generation. Your wrong behavior can affect the next generation.

To all the boys;

Respect your wife, she leaves her parents, her home for you. Please made her feel comfortable. You may sometimes feel low in terms of income, but don't torture her with your behavior, she is the one who carries your baby in her womb for 9 months. Treat her softly so that your daughter will be treated the same.

To all the girls;

Respect your husband. Be her support system in his bad days. Respect her parents and siblings just like you want respect from your brother's wife.

(Disclaimer: This article is not written to target a specific community, gender our religion. This is my observations. You might disagree with my statement)

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Written by   25
8 months ago
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Oh..there is nothing good as been responsible

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Oops scene 2 was kinda horrific. But it usually happens in Asia, no doubt.

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