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When I Bunk My Lecture 1st Time...!

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May 05,2022

Thursday (3rd Day Of Eid-Ul-Fitur)

Let's start...

Education today means a lot education today means a lot to our children when they are three or four years old Admit to school Those children have not yet grown up to be a burden to them Let's put it and in such cases we put a heavy burden of education on them at a very young age.

And kids at that age play sports but we let them in school so that they can be a better person.When we enter the school, we see people of this color I mean, I look like colorful kids, and just like that You guys keep growing up, we keep coming up with ways to understand and live

Today I was sitting and thinking that not all the children in the class are the same.

  • I mean, there are three types of kids in a class, the first of which are very intelligent.

  • Others are children who are normal who have a normal mind in their education.

  • And third, the so-called backbenchers And it is backbenchers who succeed in life.

Good reader Well-read children always remember their lessons as memorized Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure In such cases, they get good marks in the class, but it is of no use to them to get those marks Because if they don't understand this lesson, what good will it do them?

Students who are moderate in their studies have some understanding They have some understanding of their studies and the more they study, the more marks they get.

Last but not least are the backbenchers who do not stress their numbers They are called the most incompetent students in the class But the kids who are called backbenchers succeed in their lives with the goals they look forward to.They are fulfilled.

And if I did my thing, maybe I was in my class too. I had become a backbencher at home after eighth grade. I used to sit at the front till 8th class and do my studies properly But as soon as I entered the government school, I became a backbencher student And for the first time in my life and in my school days, I did my class bunk.

When I didn't take my own class, when I started attending classes, I started to miss And the children told him that the student had run away This student did not take his class and is playing sports then at that time I became a bad student of the class because he did not take his class But still, when there were annual exams, I got the best marks in my class and all the kids and heads were amazed.The child who does not take his class properly and the child who is called the backbencher of the class.How does that child get the best marks in the class.

So Sir called me and said that you have such good marks but why are you called backbenchers of your class? I told the teacher that I should focus on my work and focus on my goals I told them that I do not memorize like the children who read, but I read my lesson with complete satisfaction.

And I've been backbenchers with some friends in my class since eighth grade.But I never forget my goals. I know I have to have success in my life and I focus on the tension.

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There was one boy in our class who was very incompetent He would sit in class all day doing nothing It seemed to us at that time that nothing came of it and we did not know what it would do in the future But who knows our fate?

Today he works in a big software house of a boy and he is a web developer.

I mean, we have to focus on our goals and objectives We have more numbers than each other In the stubbornness of taking, we should compete each other.If we focus on our goal, we will get what we want.

Thanks to My sponsors and also thank to my supporters.

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Written by   72
4 months ago
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Well elaborate the kinds of the students I was among the first one but remains doing fun all the time

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