My Top 3 Projects That Will Most Likely To Explode In 2022.

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1 year ago

DYOR or Do Your Own Research is one of the most important unwritten rule to be done when investing in a project. This is just simple way yet a big move to secure yourself from losing money in cryptocurrency.

I have seen different projects on the Binance Smartchain ecosystem and most of them experienced their success, but only for a short amount of time.

After getting hyped, drove the price up and when hype is slowly fading and charts going on a downtrend, the developers of that project slowly losing faith in the project itself and will just abandon it feeling sorry for its investors.

In this article, I will share my top projects that are still on their early stages and have a good plan for the coming year of 2022. So far, these projects have a very hardworking team behind no matter how hard they have experienced with their community's response because the chart were not going well on their side.


Portify - a social finance network in Binance Smartchain is on my top list.

I really love this project so much that I regretted buying more of their native token $PFY when it was just trading nearly in $500,000 market cap. I always knew this was absolutely a gem and buying the token around $1 million market cap was a very good deal. Right it's running around $10 million market cap after having a great run to $20 million market cap. So if you bought from $1 million market cap, you would still be in 10x profit.

Even though it had a great run and currently correcting in the chart, I still strongly believe it's still so undervalued knowing there's a lots of use cases for $PFY token.

One of the development I have been waiting for is staking of different tokens in their own platform. Holders can also single stake their $PFY tokens in the platform and get rewarded in $PFY, $BNB and other tokens as well.

According to their official channel/announcement and in their roadmap, their SocialFi platform - a platform almost the same with Twitter, will be fully release in the first quarter of 2022 where users can get rewarded by interacting. After that, they will be having huge partnerships and will be expanding their platform to different chains such as Solana, Avalanche and many more.

2. CryptoBlades

You might be asking;

"Why CryptoBlades?".

"Is it already a dead game?".

"People already lost their hope in that project, why still trust them?".

I fully understand especially if you are one of the players invested in this NFT game that didn't get their return of investments yet.

But, if you have been following their discord channel, no matter how you hate the game right now, you will surely appreciate all the hard work the team have been exerting just to bring the P2E experience back again. Kroge, the CEO of CryptoBlades, along with its team, are working very hard and correcting their mistakes to bring back the light in the game. The have been partnering with different projects, attracting more Investors, expanding the game and developing the game even better.

CryptoBlades was the foundation of an easy P2E game but all, and I mean it as all, other click-to-earn and oracle based NFT games are already dead and no more developments undergoing. But, Kroge and his team are still working hard to make things right again - didn't abandoned the game and still strongly believe that CryptoBlades will take the spot once again as the number 1 P2E in BSC and soon on other chains as well.

2022 could be a great year for CryptoBlades as they will be launching their other P2E game called CryptoBlades Kingdom. The game will also be using the NFTs in the CryptoBlades game making the NFTs more in demand that could possibly surge their $SKILL token to surge up again because $SKILL token is the required token to buy or mint NFTs in CryptoBlades game.

3. Vention App

Many people, especially from the Philippines itself, don't have so much trust in the Vention project simply because it is a project from the Philippines. Many Filipinos still have their trauma of getting rugpulled after investing in a project where the developers and the team were Filipinos.

But, if you deeply understand and know the project especially the people behind it, you will know how serious these people are for Vention to be one of the successful crypto project that is from the Philippines.

The team behind it are working actively to advertise the platform - Vention, and even partnering with different P2E games. Though P2E games are not the main project to introduce Vention as it is marketplace for artists, it is making a great impact for the app as the NFT hype is still around and could still be with us for a long time.

In 2022, according to their roadmap, Vention has a lot of good news to give to its holders and will probably attract new investors. Right now, the team behind are working nonstop with lots of events to introduce Vention, not just in the Philippines but also in other countries.

Mini game question: Who is the main man of Cryptoblades game?

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Image sources: Portify. Vention. CryptoBlades.


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1 year ago


I've just started vention app lately. I am still confuse how to do it..I choose for staking. I need to study more about this new platform since it is new from this, even if this is from philippines I still trust the people behind it. Thanks for this new information.

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1 year ago

Ano ba gamit nang Vention App?

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1 year ago

Nft marketplace for artists tska nagpa partners ng mga NFT games.

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1 year ago

Philip Divine is the CEO of Riveted Technology that created the Cryptoblades game.

I think the Ventom app needs the trust of its people in the Philippines, it would be a pride for the people to have such a great project coming from their own place.

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1 year ago

Got it bro! Expect it tomorrow after I recharge some BCH in my account :)

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1 year ago

No problem, have a great night rest.

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