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Saving the Coral Reefs

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4 months ago

The coral reefs are important to our country's fishery resources. Unfortunately, we continue to destroy them. Coral reefs are sources of materials to sustain life. Hence, they must be saved.

Ways of Saving the Coral Reefs;

Seagrass Bed Protection protect the coral reefs. They reduce the movement of water. They regulate the chemical composition of coastal waters and sediments. Also, they maintain the capability of the coast to support life. Because of the importance oof seagrasses to the growth and development of Coral reefs, they have to be conserved/saved.

Controlled logging activities also protect the Coral reefs it can prevent Siltation.

Industrial and agricultural washes control is another way of saving coral reefs. When the coastal water is not polluted due to wastes, Coral reefs will grow.

Siltation control also protects the Coral reefs. When silt covers the Coral reefs, they are deprived of oxygen and food materials and eventually die.

Reforestation is another way of saving the Coral reefs. Reforestation controls Siltation.

Good fishing methods do not destroy the Coral reefs. The Coral reefs are allowed to serve as breeding and nursery grounds for fish.

Corals are stationary tiny sea animals living in colonies in depths not more than 45 meters. When they die, their shells remain and new corals grow above them. This process on until large buildings of corals, called coral reefs, are formed.

The Coral reef is important to the country's fishery resources. It is estimated that Coral reefs yield 10 to 15 percent of the total yearly fish production of the country.

Participating actively in efforts to save the Coral reefs is a timely and good practice. The efforts to save Coral reefs must be concern of all.


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Written by   140
4 months ago
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