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3 months ago

Everyone knows that one way of saving time is to "Let Paul do it." The idea that a good manager gets things done through others have been around for a long time,but most people are not very clear as to what they can and cannot delegate:

  • We cannot delegate our job because by definition it is our job. This implies that one needs a clear understanding of what his or her job is.

  • We cannot delegate that which only we can do.

But there are also some things we should delegate:

  • We should delegate those things we can't do. Cut the expense of wasting time on something which we really don't know how to accomplish, even though delegating it may be a blow to our ego.

  • We should delegate those things which others can do better than we can do.

  • Delegate those things we shouldn't be doing because they are not part of our primary goals or primary tasks.

All of this applies both to our business or professional situation as well as to our social and family situation.

How can we decide what is best to delegate?

First, make a list of all the different types of things we are doing. Next to this put some columns headed must do, can't do,shouldn't do. After this put a column labeled who can? Check each of the items on your list and see which of the things we're doing really should be done by someone else.

There are a number of pitfalls to delegation which should be avoided:

  • Make sure the one to whom we delegating knows she or he has the ball.

  • Make sure our instructions are clear and the task is well defined

  • Make sure we are confident that the person to whom we delegate can do the job, or if we are not certain, make sure that we are willing to let him or her fail.

  • Make sure we've given All the needed authority as well as the responsibility.

  • Try to put also what is wanted in the form of a goal he or she can own.

What many people don't realize is that there are many levels of delegation. Delegation does not mean "go do it, and don't bother me." Many times those receiving a job full to recognize the limits of delegates that have been given to them.

There are definite levels. Example;

Do it,and don't report back.

Do it, and let me know what you did.

Let me know what you intend to do, and go ahead and di it unless you hear from me.

Investigate all the available alternatives,and make a recommendation to me as to what should be done.

Give me all the information available, and I will make a decision.

There are many reasons people fall to delegate and therefore fall to manage their time effectively;

  1. They don't have clear goals, procedures,or policies and therefore they have nothing to delegate.

  2. They don't understand how to check on the subordinate to whom they want to delegate.

  3. They lack confidence in their subordinates.

  4. They have a fear they will have nothing to do if they delegate this to someone else.

  5. They believe they can do the Job better and faster themselves.

  6. They have failed to train their subordinates for major decisions.

  7. They believe that unless the person is a subordinate, delegation is usually not considered an option. In other words, it is possible to delegate sideways to one of our peers.

There are also a number of reasons why we don't like to accept delegated responsibilities.

Some of these include:

We don't trust our boss.

We are afraid of making mistakes.

We don't know how to do the job.

We don't really understand what needs to be done.

We don't see the reason for the delegation.

We don't understand the level at which we are being asked to accept the responsibility.

We don't think the person has a right to delegate to us. "Who does she think she is anyway, my boss?"

Delegation will not necessarily save the total amount of time involved, although the quality may improve. Delegation is primarily aimed at saving our time. Delegation assumes that the total value to the organization exceeds the cost of having someone else do it.

One last point, Remember delegation is a two way street. We have no more authority than our subordinates are willing to delegate upward to us..( Think about what awhile 😊)

Thank you

Love lots ❤️


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Written by   137
3 months ago
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