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Concepts and Principles of Training

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4 months ago

There are many reasons why people exercise. Among these are to improve their health and physical condition, to achieve a sporting ambition,to relieve the tension and stress of daily life,to lose weight,and to make one feel good.

There are programs,principles,and techniques that are essential in any personal fitness program. Understanding these basic principles will surely help one understand the different types of fitness program.

To better understand a particular fitness workout,the acronym FIT can be used as guide. Fit stands for Frequency,Intensity, and Time. These are the areas in which one could increase or overload in order to improve physical fitness. In addition to FIT, one should understand the importance of progression,mode of activity, and specifically,and types of exercise.

There are principles of fitness training.


This determines the number of exercise session that an individual will do per week. After any form of exercise is performed,the body completes a process of rebuilding and repairing. It also finds balance that provides enough stress for the body to adopt and allows enough rest time for healing.


This indicates whether the work load should be increased or decreased. It requires good balance to ensure that the intensity is hard enough to overload the body but not so difficult resulting in over training or burnout. The heart rate can be used to determine exercise intensity.


This refers to how long each individual session should last. This will vary based on the intensity and type of exercises. The intensity of the exercise has an impact on the length of time devoted to the fitness session. In most situations,monitoring the duration of the activity is more achievable than monitoring the intensity. Running is a good example for this, but not all can run at the same pace, but all can run for a certain amount of time.


This refers to the type of exercise and what specific exercises will one perform.

There are some factors that might affect the fitness training of an individual.

The Mode of Activity. This refers to the types of activity that are conducive to fitness development. The routines are for differing age groups and suggest entry level Workloads.

The Progression. This refers to the sequencing of exercises and usually involves manipulation of FIT to prevent some of the negative aspects often occurring with fitness activities. Muscle soreness and the early onset of fatigue due to lack of continues vigorous activity initially may cause one to start at high intensity activity.

The Specificity of Exercise. This refers to the developing of a particular component of fitness through specifically designed exercises of proper FIT. This emphasizes the importance of a balanced approach to fitness. The implication of specificity is that exercising a certain part or component of the body develops only that part.

The Principles of Fitness Training are guidelines that can help accelerate training progress and optimize result. Knowing how to apply these principles gives one an educated basis on which one can make decisions and design his or her fitness training program.

The following are the Eight Principles og Fitness Training;

Principle of Specificity- Body adjustments according to the type of training one performs.

Principle of Overload-Implies the continually increased training loads as one's body adapt ove time.

Principle of Reversibility- It refers to the loss of fitness that results after one stop training.

Principle is Variation- It implies consistently changing aspects of one's workouts.Varying exercise,reps,sets,intensity,etc

Principle of Transfer- implies that workout activity can improve the performance of other skills with common elements such as skills,exercises and sports.

Principle of Individuality- implies that since no two individuals are exactly alike,fitness progress should be adjusted for personal differences like abilities,skills,gender,experiences,motivation,past injuries,and physical conditions.

Principle of Recovery- implies that the rest of one needs depends upon one's training program.

Principle of Balance- This suggests maintaining the right mix of exercise,diet,and healthy behavior. Falling out of balance may cause a variety of conditions that affect health and fitness. In short,it suggests all things in moderation.

Follow your dreams,work hard and practice. Looking good and feeling good hand in hand. Stay FIT you're going to feel good.

Thanks for reading 📖

Love lots ❤️


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Written by   137
4 months ago
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indeed in doing such physical fitness we must have principles and right time for better outcome.

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