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4 months ago

In our modern, independent society the only way we can effectively live together and move together. Unless we are blessed with an unusual memory the only way to keep track of these future commitments to one another and to ourselves is by writing them down. A calendar is a powerful tool indeed.

Some people have not discovered the value of keeping different kinds of appointment books and calendars. There is great advantage in being able to picture at a glance the unit of time under consideration. Having a one page yearly calendar,a one page monthly calendar, a one page weekly calendar,and a one page daily calendar may seem unnecessary, but each has its special purpose.

Yearly appointment calendars are available. Keep one on your wall. Use it to indicate such things as periods you will be out of town or blocks of time you have committed to other uses. They are very useful for showing us our future commitments at a glance and for keeping the load we are carrying in proper perspective.

Monthly calendars are useful in nothing items which fall outside of our regular routines. They have the advantage of alerting us to what lies ahead, things for which perhaps we must prepare now. Monthly calendars,available both in desk style and in pocket size, are handy for both the homemaker and the executive.

Weekly calendars are used mostly for desktop work to control the daily and weekly routine, but they are also available in appointment book form. They give us the kind of space we need to control the details of our day.

Daily calendars, usually in the form of appointment books, are extremely useful for some people. Those calendars which also provide a place to write down a Things to do List and a place for a diary and a place to keep track of expenses are particularly useful for busy executives as well as busy homemakers

Each of these calendars has its advantages and disadvantages depending on our needs and lifestyle. That is why many people find it effective to use two or more calendars.

The daily calendars gives us plenty of rooms to write down all the details of the day, but it doesn't help us to plan ahead. At the other extreme, the yearly calendar gives us plenty of plan ahead information,but the amount of space in which to write all the things we want to do tomorrow is necessarily limited.

Calendars need to be filled up. One way of not getting ourself over committed or committed to things which have nothing to do with our goals, is to fill up your calendar with things that have to do with our goal.

Remember that calendars should reflects a chain is event.

  • We seat and check our goals

  • We make plans to accomplish those goals.

  • We schedule future events we believe will help accomplish our plans.

Therefore our calendars, our scheduling of time, most clearly reflects our goals.

One closing comment...don't get calendar happy. Choose a system which works best for you. We can waste a lot of time writing down things in there or four different places. Although that may give us a sense of control, it really doesn't save much time.

Thank you for reading 📖

Love lots ❤️😘


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Written by   137
4 months ago
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