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Be unique: Keep these 5 Qualities

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1 year ago

We all know that we have our own characteristics and it determines how people have known us well.

These are 5 qualities that will boost your confidence and uniqueness :

  1. Don't impress others

    never try to impress others cause some people found it as a toxic trait you don't have to show that you're actually winning especially when no one asks sometimes it's better to keep silent and let the person found out what's best in you

  2. Control your emotions

    Controlling your emotion is one of the most attractive qualities that you must have surely it's hard to do so but you can practice and learn how to handle your emotions well especially anger.
    Practice proper breathing in the middle of an argument or meditation once a week.

  3. Be confident and stay humble

    Being confident is literally a good thing but the combination of it is much better cause everyone can be confident but not all of us can keep this together.

    I find the combination of confidence and humility particularly attractive. When someone is confident, but at the same time humble, you are more likely to feel drawn to them, because you will never, nor should ever, feel threatened by them. It’s easier to open up to them and create a connection.

    4. Be Passionate

    You should be passionate about something, especially about something that you really want to achieve. I found this attractive and unique some people are not brave enough to pursue their dreams or to achieve what they really want to be simply because there is a barrier that will keep them to get out of their comfort zone and that it's not good you need to broke that barrier.
    Look for your inner self and find it.

    5. Be a Giver
    Last on my list is this one, yeah being a giver is actually saying that the person has a unique characteristic also with a big heart who does not attract on this kind of person? of course almost all of us.

    That's it for today

    Consider this list and live a happy life. Thank you, everyone :)

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Written by   7
1 year ago
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