Top 10 most expensive anime figures in history

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Collecting anime figures can be quite an expensive hobby, average fans look for pieces that fit our budget to create a space where we can show off our favorite characters; There are many brands, sizes, colors and both old and new series, their popularity is such that today they are one of the most attractive and desired anime-based products by consumers.

However, there are some people who are willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money for ultra-limited and exclusive anime figures that are sometimes not even for sale to the public but are manufactured by the companies themselves to commemorate an occasion. special or an important event of some series. That is why we decided to make a top 10 of the most expensive anime figures in history for which there is documented information and some honorable mentions that are worth including, let's start!

Honorable Mention: Life Size Astro Boy

One of the first animes in history that was broadcast during the 60s and that was the beginning of the popularization of Japanese culture throughout the world, this life-size Astro Boy figure created as a prototype by the Tada-Pro company has some red LED lights around the body and you can see the character's robotic interior, a somewhat gloomy but fascinating piece for vintage lovers.

The figure retails for just $25,000, and as a relic of history it will likely increase in value over time…and we're just getting started.

Honorable Mention: Momo Belia Deviluke and Lala Satalin Deviluke Life Size

The only waifus that we will have on the list but wow, for lovers of the To Love-Ru franchise between the years 2017 and 2018, the Design Co-co company put on sale these impressive anime figures in real scale of two of the most famous red-haired girls of all time as a commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the saga and the end of the manga To Love-ru Darkness.

Only 10 pieces of each were manufactured with a height of 160 and 173 centimeters respectively; momo's figure was around $25,000 dollars while Lala's figure was released with a price close to $30,000 dollars, the figures are really impressive and if your dream is to see what one of these girls would be like in real life this is one of the options closest to it, of course if you have the money and know someone who wants to sell it.

In this same post we include the 24-karat gold figure of the Mazinger Z franchise in its 7-centimeter version that is listed with a price of $30,000 dollars, later we will talk about the most expensive versions of this set of anime figures.

#10.- Gundam CONVERGE Gold version

Another of the legendary franchises of the anime world reaches the top; in 2015 the famous Ginza Tanaka jewelry put on sale exclusively for the exhibition "The art of Gundam" some quite peculiar anime figures from the FW Gundam Converge line, they are two very well detailed chibi-style models of the classic mecha RX -78-2 Gundam made entirely of silver and gold.

Barely 5.5 centimeters tall, the silver version was sold for only $2,700 dollars, the big fish of the exhibition was the gold version that was priced at $37,800 dollars, a true luxury that only a fan with a lot of money could afford.

In April 2021, the company U Works announced more Mobile Suit Gundam figures made entirely of gold, one of them is the RX 78-2 Gundam (Beam Saber Ver.), a 10 centimeters tall figure of the classic Gundam with a lightsaber limited to 10 pieces priced at just over $36,000.

#9.- Kamen Rider #1 Gold version

Another anime and manga classic that appears at the top with its own gold statuette, with a height of 20 centimeters, the figure was created by the company Tokuriki Honten in 2015 and launched on the market with a price of $46,600 dollars. At the same time, a 10-centimeter version was also created for $6,500 dollars.

#8.- Mazinger Z Platinum version

As mentioned in point number 9, in 2017 Kougei jewelry launched a very limited series of anime figures from the Mazinger Z franchise commemorating the 45th anniversary of the saga and the 50th anniversary as a writer of the creator Go Nagai; On this step is the Platinum version of 12 centimeters in height with a value of $140,000 dollars, there are only 5 of these copies in the whole world, making it a very rare collector's item.

#7.- RX-78-2 Gundam Gold version

We continue with the Gundam franchise and the exhibition also had another series of extremely expensive anime figures for sale, it is the same model as the chibi figures from the previous post totally made of silver and gold but in its complete version; With a height of 12.5 centimeters, the silver figure cost approximately $6,400 dollars while the gold version was sold at a price of $160,000 dollars.

#6.- Mazinger Z Gold version

Finally in the line of Mazinger Z anime figures we have the 13 centimeters tall gold version, this figure was announced at a price of $161,700 dollars and like its platinum sister only 5 copies were manufactured in the world, a small difference in value with the previous Gundam that earns it sixth place.

#5.- Monkey D Luffy Gold version

It's the turn of One piece, one of the most popular manga and anime on the entire planet could not stay out of the top, this 18-centimeter figure created by Tokuriki Honten in 2016 was made on the occasion of the release of the One Piece movie Gold and is priced at close to $200,000, we would definitely have to be a Tenryūbito to buy it.

In this same position also enters the gold figure of the Black Jack series that has the same cost as the Luffy statuette. It was released in the year 2020 and the biggest difference between the two is that this is not a full-scale figure but rather a life-size statue of the character.

#4.- RX 78-3 Gundam (Beam Rifle)

and Char's Zaku Gold version The gold figures do not end... nor will they, in this top position are these iconic models of the Gundam series announced by the company U-Works this year 2021, with a height of 18 centimeters and only 20 pieces available (of each) are on sale for a modest $240,000 per figure.

#3.- Gundam Fix Platinum The last of the anime figures presented in the exhibition "The art of Gundam"

was a unique model created in 2007 of 12.5 centimeters in height made of pure Platinum and with diamonds in the eyes, this figure was not for sale to the public since it is owned by the Bandai company in collaboration with the aforementioned Ginza Tanaka jewelry store and is only exhibited at special events, its real value was not published but it is estimated to be around $250,000 dollars, which places it directly in the third position of the top.

#2.- Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Sagittarius Gold version

The second place is occupied by a Sagittarius model from the Myth Cloth line of anime figures from the renowned Knights of the Zodiac franchise, it was created in 2013 by Bandai Namco celebrating the tenth anniversary of said product line; With a height of 16 centimeters and spectacular details, the statuette is not available for sale to the public, unfortunately it is only exhibited at special Bandai events but at least there is a way to see it up close, the piece is valued at $600,000 dollars!

#1.- Golden Godzilla

The most popular kaiju of all time was recreated in this impressive figure of 25 centimeters in height by, once again, the Ginza Tanaka jewelry in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the monster's birth; Made of pure 24-carat gold weighing almost 15 kilos and with a classic style based on the 1989 movie “Godzilla vs Biollante”, the figure is valued at $1.5 million dollars, without a doubt and with a lot of margin ahead of the rest from the top this is the most expensive anime figure ever.

What did you think of the top of the most expensive anime figures in history? Would you be willing to pay such an amount of money for one of these figures? Leave your comments below, thanks for reading this article and see you next time, bye!

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I didn't know about this, it seems like a crazy amount of money, but if people like it, I'm sure they'll like it.

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A heavy amount they spent for making such character now its too costly like me its difficult to buy it

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This is a terrible amount of money for these characters.

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Just wow! They are really pricey and those who can afford them must be a fan of anime. Certified Otaku!

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