Create a Product for a Starving Audience

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This begins with what you get when you admit your current situation. It’s about creating a solution(s) for a challenge that is a pressing need for many people.

A product may be an ebook, workbook, online course, podcasts, video course, audio course, etc.

Don’t create a product before looking for the problem it would provide a solution to. Rather, find a problem people are willing to pay money to get then create a product to provide a solution to it.

People pay you for what they are unable to do for themselves.

When creating a product, allow people the opportunity to reward you for your diligence. This is where their money comes in.

You must be focused on creating your products around people's needs. People don’t just buy amazing products, they buy what meets their needs.

But Knowhere, what products can I create?

There are some indices you must use as a guide here. Let’s see some before ending this post.

Ready? Let’s get into them now.

Before creating a product;

  • Be sure it solves a specific problem.

  • Your audience would gladly pay for it.

  • Your audience CAN pay for it.

  • It will outlive trends.

Ultimately you won’t sell the product as it is. You will turn it into an offer.

For every product clearly distinguish between your customers and consumers.

Your consumers are those who need your product but may not be able to pay for it.

Your customers are those who need your product and pay you for it.

Let me explain with an example.

Let’s say you deal with baby care products like diapers, body lotions, powder, clothing, etc. Your consumers are infants (babies) right? They need your products but they can’t pay for them. Your customers are parents who have infants to take care of. They do not consume your product directly but they can pay for it.

Focus more on your customers than your consumers. You get it now, right?

The value of every product is determined by who needs it. Package your products according to who you want to offer them to.

The same bottle of foodstuff that sells in the open market for 100 naira could cost more than 200 in a supermarket.



Don’t underestimate this point.

People buy from who they trust. People will not trust you until you show them you're trustworthy.

First point of contact matters. Wait… what's your display picture or bio looking like? Okay, go check it out now.

Quick question: would you trust yourself if you met you online?

I'll leave you to figure that out.

Anything you have or has gone through successfully can become a product – your wins, losses, knowledge, experiences, expertise, etc.

I dare to say everyone has products in them that would sell to others if only they work it out diligently. And then package it.

You are valuable. Look within long enough and you'll realize that you are great.

That’s all I have to share here.

Learn to see and create profitable products in everything you know and have experienced.

I hope you got value from this post. What did you learn from this?

I'd like to get your feedback.

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For a product to be profitable and bought by a customer it has to provide value (provide a solution).

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