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7 Action Steps for Quitting an Addiction

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3 months ago
Topics: Addiction

Are you struggling with addiction? Is alcohol or drug abuse destroying your life? If yes, then it is time to get help. How do we overcome them? Is there a way to control ourselves? This article will provide you with some useful advice.

Addiction is characterized by compulsive behavior or substance use despite harmful consequences. There are three types of addiction: Substance abuse, behavioral addiction and compulsive gambling. You can search online to learn more about each type of addiction.

Addiction recovery requires self-awareness, motivation, commitment, and support from family and friends. And finally, it takes a structured approach that focuses on a patient’s mental health. Here are some steps you can take to recover from addiction.

1. Change Your Perspective

Addiction is not simply a physical or psychological condition that can be treated only with medication or therapy. Addiction is a disease of the brain, and understanding how the brain works can help people overcome their addictions. By changing our way of thinking about addiction, we can change our actions. Many who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol do not realize they are still in denial. We have to look at ourselves honestly and say, “I am an addict.” If you want out of the cycle of addiction, then you need to acknowledge the fact that you have a problem and stop denying it.

2. Take Responsibility

This tip may seem simple, but it is actually very effective. When someone says he wants to quit smoking or drinking, we tend to tell him to just stop right away. These things are bad habits; if you try to quit them without changing anything else, your chances of success are slim. You have to change your entire attitude, lifestyle, and environment before you can expect to succeed. Start working toward long-term goals instead of short-term ones.

3. Get Support

It takes a lot of courage to admit that you have a problem. But after you make the decision to seek treatment for your drug and/or alcohol use, you will find that others around you will support you. Family members and friends can be strong allies when you are trying to overcome an addiction.

4. Make Plans

Start making plans now to get help. Talk to your doctor, therapist or clergy member about what steps you should take to kick your addiction to hard drugs and alcohol. Remember, no matter how difficult it may seem to start treatment, you will never be ready until you decide to get help.

5. Find Support Groups

People who struggle with addiction often look for community support groups to help them. A great place to find support groups is online. There are many websites dedicated to helping addicts and recovering alcoholics.

6. Focus On Yourself First

If you are going to get help, you first have to focus on yourself. Without taking care of yourself, you cannot hope to tackle any problems. Don't worry about whether or not your family or friends will understand. It's not realistic to think that everyone else will be supportive. Let go of unrealistic expectations. Instead, work on your own recovery.

7. Choose Your Treatment Method Wisely

When choosing a professional to help you with your drug or alcohol dependency, you have several options. Inpatient treatment programs provide 24 hour supervision. Outpatient treatment offers less intensive care and supervision. Residential care provides even more structure and support. Depending on the type of treatment program you choose, different types of medications might be prescribed.

Addiction is treatable and you can recover if you choose to try. If you suffer from addiction, it’s important to seek and receive professional help.

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Written by   127
3 months ago
Topics: Addiction
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