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Some deeds don't deserve forgiveness

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1 week ago

That day wasn't supposed to be any different than other days to Jenny. She went to her office in the morning, had lunch in the nearby restaurant with her fellow workers and then again went to the office. She did it until it was 5 pm. After this she had something to buy and so she went to the super market.

She loved to shop and that day she was in a good mood. She was looking at some shoes. She chose one and move around to have another. And that moment she noticed something very peculiar. There was a girl at her age standing in front of her. She was choosing a fancy dress. But the thing was that girl was her exact copy!

Jenny became very astonished and couldn't believe it. She asked herself how was this even possible. She decided to talk with the girl and proceed to her. Jimmy said hello to the girl and she turned back to her. As soon as she saw Jenny, she was also surprised like Jenny and became speechless. She also couldn't believe her eyes.

They both looked at each other for a while. And then suddenly they both spoke the same words 'We are the exactly the same!'. They didn't know how this happened but they felt curiosity to know more about it. They both quit shopping that day and went out.

They went to the nearer coffee shop. They wanted to discuss the things in deep and in a quiet place. Beth, the other girl just like Jenny told that the way they look was extra ordinary. She exclaimed with curiosity. Jenny said that she thought it was something out of the movies. And she thrilled.

Beth asked her to tell about herself and about her family. Jenny told that she didn't have a family and didn't know who were her parents. She grew up in an orphanage. Then she asked Beth about this. She told that her parents were business people and she was from a wealthy family.

They both was happy and excited. They decided to find out the reason for them being so much alike. They didn't wait a long to work according to their wish. They soon met again and went to a hospital. They did a DNA test and the result made them surprised because they never thought it could happen.

The reports said that Jenny and Beth were twins! So, there was no arguing with that. Beth told that they had to find out the truth of living them two in different place. It was a great mystery for them and they were bound to find out. But they both were on the moon to have a beautiful sister just like her.

They went to their home that day. And the next day Beth went to her parents' house. She went to the basement where all the old staffs were put. She found a few cupboards where all the documents were kept. There were many and many documents and she was looking at them all to find out at least some kind of information.

Beth did the task continuously. She had plan to get out from the basement after she had got a clue. And so she took her lunch and other meals with her. She took them silently and again searched for it. She spent the whole day going through the papers.

It was night then and finally she found it! The paper was on child disowning. Beth couldn't believe her eyes. She had no idea how her lovely parents could be so cruel that they could gave up a baby. She was not the girl to be upset. She was always in plan.

Beth couldn't wait for the next morning. She phoned Jenny and asked her to come the park. She went out of her parents' house. She rushed to tell Jinny the news. When they both reached to the spot, she told Jenny everything that happened. And for the first time she addressed someone as sister.

Jenny was upset and didn't know what to do at the situation. She was about to lose hope and that time Beth told her that she had an idea. She was angry with their parents and that was obvious.

The next morning, Beth went to her parents' house. She opened the door with the keys her parents gave her and entered into the room. She stood on the living room and called her mom and dad. She told that it was her, Beth. Soon her parents rushed to her to see her. Her mom happily hugged her and told her that they hadn't seen Beth in a while. She also added that they had missed her a lot. Her father came and welcomed her cordially.

This time Beth turned back to her mother and told her that she was right. They hadn't seen each other for a very long time. She added it was for 25 years. Her mother became astonished and asked her what she meant by 25 years and if she was out of her mind.

That time the door opened once again and most surprisingly Beth's parents saw another Beth entering the room. This was the real Beth and the first one meeting parents was Jenny in disguise of Beth.

Beth came closer to them and told her mother that Jenny was right and it was for 25 years since her lovely parents had gave up on their daughter. She told them that they had not seen her since Jenny disowned her. Their parents could understand everything what her daughter was saying.

They all sat in the living room and the girls wanted to know the reason behind their deeds. Their mother said that what were they supposed to do. They didn't had enough money to feed two children. Beth asked what did they do when they had money. Their father said that then it was too late to change anything. The father looked sad but the mother looked irritated.

Beth and Jenny at once took their decision. They said no more words and stood up to leave. They were about to leave and their mother told Beth that she had got nothing to be upset about. Because they didn't leave Beth. Beth stood but didn't look back to her parents. She told them that it could have been Beth too. And the two sisters left forever.

Beth forbade her mother to call her anymore. But she didn't listened to her and called. It was impossible to forgive their parents for what they had done. And so she never received her call. Beth stopped talking to her parents at 25.

But she found a sister. They always sat in their beautiful home garden, or sometimes went to the restaurant. The girls spent all their free time together. They had so many things to tell each other and they talked so much and was very glad to have a sister.

There are things that are impossible to forgive. Always remember that before you make decisions.

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Written by   25
1 week ago
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This story is indeed beautiful and a heart-touching one to find your lost family gives one so much joy but on my part, I think her parents should be forgiven even if Betty forbids them from calling.

There are many mistakes we make in life due to the situations we are faced with and we should not be seen as evil because of those mistakes.

I also can see that their mother did not feel bad dispensing her daughter which makes her a bad mother but so that these things don't reoccur in our lives, forgive and move on.

Kudos to you on such an amazing story.

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1 week ago

Beautiful story. Two twins who finally discovered themselves. Very nice idea. I wonder why you wanted the parents to be portrayed as wicked and evil. If I were Beth, I would forgive them. The past was the past. It is now 25 years ago. I hope Beth and Jenny enjoy their time together.

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1 week ago

thank you for the compliments. Beth could also forgive if their parents felt sorry for that, her mother was feeling irritated even after seeing her lost daughter. But Jenny and Beth would be fine as twins love is immense.

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1 week ago