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A mother's love endures all

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1 month ago

Amanda has married a few days ago to a rich family. She wanted to cover herself with the curtain of wealth because she didn't want her past and poverty to be revealed. So, she wanted her mother-in-law to be her mom. She had a Lamborghini and attended parties while her real mother lived in terrible poverty.

Amanda had not seen her father. The only member of her mother's family was her and her mother. But none of them had a good job and had got enough money hardly to live their life. However, her mother loved her so much and tried to meet all of her needs. She was grown up not in wealth but in love. One day she finished high school and needed to choose a college. Her mom wanted her to study in a prestigious college so that she could make her future bright.

Amanda's new college was in another town. Her mom gave her the last penny she had and didn't have money to have food. She also sent her love to Amanda. And the only thing companied her was her own tears.

After a couple of months, Amanda met his man at college and he proposed to her. There was going to be a big party. But she thought her mother would embarrass her in front of their rich guests. So, she decided not to invite her to her wedding. She phoned her mom and told her that they would not celebrate. And Amanda didn't have to be embarrassed because her mom didn't come that day. But after a week of the ceremony, she came to their place with gifts.

The poor old woman was very happy to see her daughter like a princess. But watching her mom's clumsiness, Amanda lost her temper. She didn't let her mother sit on the sofa. She asked her if she knew how much that sofa cost. Then forbade her mom to sit on it in her dirty clothes. Her mom was shocked and speechless to see his beloved daughter's attitude and behavior towards her.

Amanda counted the minutes until her departure. But suddenly her mother-in-law arrived unexpectedly. She was smiling at her mom and was so diplomatic and didn't show her disgust at all. She told to Amanda's mom that she was sorry she got sick on her daughter's wedding day. She added that it was such a big event and they had more than 1000 guests. Amanda was feeling embarrassed to reveal her truth to her mom and mom-in-law. Her mom-in-law didn't mind though she told everyone that she was from a wealthy family. But her mom understood everything and left her daughter's house immediately.

When Amanda was in tension and was almost trembling, her mom-in-law forbade her to worry. She told her that her mother was not in their class then. And that same day Amanda asked her if she could call her 'mom'. Her mom-in-law just smiled at her. But Amanda didn't know that soon, she would regret it bitterly.

6 months later...

Amanda was sick and had already been in the hospital for 3 months. No one from her husband's family came to visit her. And that day when her real mom opened the door to her ward, she was nervous and ran over to her. It seemed that she forgot that day her daughter insulted her terribly.

She went to her daughter's bed and asked what had happened. She told her mother that her husband kicked her out of the house. He thought that she was cheating. But she didn't. In fact, her mother-in-law faked everything. Just after that she called Amanda and said that she had found a girl appropriate to their status. Then she asked her if she really thought she could be a part of their family. And then she was pregnant and had no place to go.

However, her mother took her in and looked after her until the delivery. She looked very happy to get a grandson and was fond of playing with him. Amanda started feeling so guilty because of her cruel words. So, one day, she asked her mom why she had forgiven her. Because in her point of view she didn't deserve it.

She replied that Amanda's father left her when she was pregnant with her. Her parents also gave up on her. She didn't have any education or prospects. So, life became hard for her. But she promised herself that her daughter would never repeat her destiny and she would always have her by her side.

The next day, Amanda's husband phoned her. He said that he was sorry and wanted to take her in. It happened because of her mother. She found out her son-in-law and told him every truth.

And soon the family moved into her husband's house. Her mom helped them with the baby. Amanda didn't know if she could ever make it up to her, even though she was not angry. But she knows for sure: a mother's love endures all.

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Written by   65
1 month ago
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Naks! Such a wonderful story coming from you sisterit. <3 <3 <3

Wala talagang makakapantay sa pagmamahal nang isang ina.. <3

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1 month ago

thank you so much. And yes the love of a mother is incomparable because in every love there is a condition or interest and both of the persons have to meet it to save the relationship.

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1 month ago


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4 weeks ago

A cute story and a beautiful message are delivered by you dear. Simply you just made it awesome. Thanks dear.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

you're most welcome. The message is beautiful indeed, but we people should not misuse her love.

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1 month ago