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Why Do I Always Fall for Fictional Men? : Oneirataxia │ Part 1

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"Reese! It's already 5:00 p.m. Let's go?"

"I'm afraid I can't, Nina. I'll have to work for more hours. Sadly, I have to finish this manuscript today, you go home first."

"Oh, okay, take care, girl!"

"You too."

Fenreese Gale Chan is the name. My name is a bit unique, isn't it? My mom is infatuated with wolves (fenris), which is why she gave me that name. To keep things quick, just call me Reese.

I work as a writer, a fiction writer, at Swift Publishing Group, Inc., one of the top five largest publishing companies in the country. Sounds appealing, doesn't it? But it puts me under a lot of stress. On top of that, I didn't feel like I was improving as a writer. Procrastination continuously draws me in and leads me to experience writer's block most of the time.

Nina, my friend, often pushes me to take a long break from work and travel in order to gain new experiences and inspiration for writing a great masterpiece to be proud of. She's always searching for guys on the internet not for herself, but for me. She is in fact desperate. I tried to go on a date with the guys she "swiped right," but they stand in stark contrast to my boyfriend.

I do, in fact, have a boyfriend. That's why I don't get Nina's point about me dating other guys. I met him 8 months ago in a Michelin-starred restaurant where he works as an Executive Chef. He's 32, so he's only six years older than me. It's all right. I like older men though. Lol.

I'm not a simp or I am, but, sister! Let me describe him further to you so you can understand why I'm so crazy over him.

He has a Korean 2 x 3 barber's cut. I'm not sure what it's called, but here it is. I like the way his freshly trimmed hair feels. It tickles my fingertips. He also looks great with that hairstyle.

His eyes are the most beautiful chinky eyes I've ever seen. It truly is an ocean of wonder. When I looked into his eyes, I saw not only the beauty of their brownness, but also the expressiveness of his every gaze.

His nose is so adorable that the tip of his nose becomes pointed when he smiles.

His lips are painted with sliced strawberries, yet they are the softest I've ever felt. I'm sure he's smiling right now, finally showing off his gleaming white teeth like a model of tooth paste and mouth wash.

He is pretty tall. When we compare our heights, I am up to his lips. Even if we're standing, he's at the perfect height for me to rest my head on his broad chest while embracing me with his big arms whenever I need it. That means all the time, I guess. He's really a hunk. Ahh! What a safe haven this is.

And most importantly, in all facets of his physical appearance, he is hygienic. He smells really good. It's like a feast in my nose when he's around. He loves taking baths and he knows how to take care for himself.

Well, all of the aforementioned is merely a bonus for me. He's also mentally mature man. Even though we're thousands of miles apart, he's always concerned about my safety. When I'm down, he looks after my mental health and treats me like a queen every damn time. I'm so lucky to have him, but the sad thing is...

"Fantasizing about your fictitious man again?" Nina interrupts the serenity and tranquility I'm enjoying as I close my eyes.

"Oh, goodness! Hey! You startled me. I thought you had already left?" I almost fell out of my chair from shock.

"It's raining outside, so maybe we could share your umbrella because I forgot mine at home. Don't worry! I'll buy you a cup of coffee at the cafe across the street from our office." Nina explained, smiling creepily.

"Fine. Wait for me in the lobby. I'll just tidy my table real quick."

"Okay!" Nina gave me a thumbs up and started walking out the door.

In the cafe.

"Just sit here. I'll go grab you your favorite cup of coffee." Nina said. We've been friends since we were kids, so she knows everything about me.

I took my phone from my purse and began checking my calendar when a man with a calming voice asked me.

"Is this seat already taken?"

"Ye—" I couldn't finish my sentence when I saw who was behind that sweet voice. He seems to be someone taken from a dream.

He looks just like my fictional man.


Part two? Hehe.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Ciao, bella!

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Written by   26
1 month ago (Last updated: 5 days ago)
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