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If you're reading this you probably already expect that blockchain is still in Its infancy and has not exploded compared to how it will in the next 10 years. You're probably 99% sure Fiat will go to zero one-day, the Gold market cap will be Bitcoin market cap, USD will be BCH, ETH will be loans as banks go irrelevant, TRX to be the pinnacle of gambling/entertainment so on and so forth.

I've slowly gone over the years from "Bitcoin is the future I think I'll buy some Bitcoin" to "I must trade all altcoins!" to "okay I'm not a trader, but I want to be part of the future and I want to invest". Now I've settled with dollar-cost-averaging the top coins and learning to code. I started learning code back in March 2019, but it took a while to know I for sure want to build on blockchain technology.

Here's why. The famous Andreas Ontanopolos quote "you don't need blockchain for that" kinda struck me one day as I was watching him on Youtube. I thought, well, maybe we don't need "Bitcoin" for that (enter any tech that requires top speed and 0 transaction costs), but... I seriously think that if your vision of the future of blockchain doesn't include it in use as the backend for literally everything (decentralized or not), then it's not as big as my vision for it. A reminder again that blockchain is a child.

Let's be realistic though.

Currency and Defi = ✓

Artwork = ✓

Social networks = ✓

Gaming = ✓ on parts of it... for now

When we talk about some areas to work on.

SQL(or any database) = Almost ✓-I fully believe Dan Larimer will make EOSIO faster than SQL very soon as he has stated. If not some other blockchain tech will do it

Smarthome security = maybe not... but come on! Just an example of the millions of projects to come.

AI = I'm going off rails here a bit but its gonna happen. Even robots need a database.

We can barely even trust our phones anymore so one would hope we can get some blockchain governance to control the commits to our phones code! We all have our favorite industry we love and it can use the help of magic internet money!

I've gotten that urge to write many times in the past and this blockchain movement made me decide to start putting these thoughts and tech knowledge to paper. Not only will I move to be building something I care about I want to spread the knowledge for everyone else to do the same. My girlfriend loves art and will push creativity with a message that human creativity has monetary value like it never has before. Hopefully, by the end of the year, we will be full time in crypto.

If you've made it this far, you're either already there or you're gonna be. Might as well start today. Join me in working towards a full time in crypto and this technology will outpace censorship, Fiat inflation, authoritarianism and more.

Richard Potter



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2 months ago
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